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Gardening & Landscaping in Charlotte, NC We specialize in landscaping services and maintenance that make your property look its best year-round. We are a locally owned, full-service lawn maintenance company in Charlotte, NC capable of Handling all of your property needs. Advanced Lawn Care is in the business of keeping grass greener and clients happier. Contact us now to become one of the many satisfied property owners we've helped throughout the years.
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Lawn Mowing
read moreMost people understand the importance of mowing and edging in regards to adding beauty to their home but many do not realize the vital role it plays in the actual health of their lawn.

One of the most vital aspects of maintaining a well established lawn is mowing and edging on a regular basis. When grass is left uncut for extended periods of time, it allows weeds to mature with the grass, allowing them to spread seeds and produce even more weeds. With a regular mowing regiment, it not only prevents these weeds from maturing and producing seeds but it allows the grass itself to flourish and assists in "choking" out the weeds for the nutrients the weeds needs to grow.

Another Important reason for having your yard mowed often and on a schedule, is how grass reacts when you cut it. With almost all species of grass, cutting off more than a 1/3 of the length of a blade of grass is very stressful to the lawn. We have all seen a lawn that has been left untamed for an extended period of time and when it is cut to a proper height, the grass will turn yellowish-brown. This weakens the lawn severely and not only can stunt the lawn's growth, but can also be deadly.
Lawn Aeration
read moreAeration offers many benefits to your yards health and in most instances should be completed at least once annually.Core aeration's main benefit is to loosen up soil that has become compacted throughout the year.When this is done it enhances the soils ability to absorb water and other nutrients it needs more efficiently. In turn, this improves your lawns drainage, which reduces water run off problems as well as any standing water issues. The loosened soil also enables the roots of the grass to grow more easily, allowing the plant to become more established.This is essential for the lawn's heat tolerance and also enhances the ability of the lawn to withstand drought conditions.
Leaf Removal
read moreFallen leaves in the fall can be detrimental to your lawn's health if left unattended. If you are like most people around South Charlotte, Pineville, and Matthews, you have a fescue lawn and prime growing season is during the fall months. With leaves blanketing the ground and covering your grass, it can keep your lawn from receiving the proper amount of sunlight it requires. Also, the buildup of leaves can cause your lawn to maintain more moisture than it requires on the surface. This can lead to many things including a variety of diseases and fungi that can harm the grass. It is vital, if you want to have a thick green lawn in the spring and summer, to have those leaves removed in the fall.
Mulching / Pine Needles
read moreMany people see the beauty of mulch and know that it looks nice spread around trees and in the flower beds but it is also extremely important to the health and longevity of the plants. Mulch has a variety of benefits but probably its most important would be water retention. With mulch spread around your plants it will keep the water from evaporating during our hot summer months and will lower the plants' need for water significantly. Another wonderful thing about mulch is that it is also an organic fertilizer. As the mulch grows with age it will continue to decompose on its bottom layer, releasing much needed nutrients into the soil to help your plants thrive and your landscape to maintain its beauty.
Shrub and Bush Trimming
read moreOne of the least favorite lawn care chores of most people has to be trimming bushes.It can be a painstaking task to complete and take an entire weekend depending on the amount of bushes you have.While this is not a fun job it is something that really needs to be done for numerous reasons. First, as we all know there are very few things that can top off a nice landscape the way well manicured bushes do.On the other hand,there are very few things that can make a landscape look as dreadful as over grown bushes in poor health with dead spots littered throughout. Take care of this by having them trimmed at least twice per year. It not only will ensure your bushes are the proper shape and height but will also better make them grow fuller.With the removal of dead spots in the bush, it is allowed to flourish, growing in thicker and stronger.


David D.
Charlotte, NC
read moreAdam worked late into the evening to insure that his aeration and seeding were completed to meet my schedule. He provides excellent service and does thorough work. I am confident that I'll see good results.
Jack C.
Charlotte, NC
read moreI would highly recommend Advanced Lawn Care to anyone. I needed someone to cut and maintain a lawn. Adam did a tremendous job in cutting and trimming the lawn, and keeping the appearance neat and clean. Very reliable on the schedule we arranged for the 5 months I needed this service. Easy to reach too by phone or email. 5 out of 5 stars!!


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