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We understand that almost all cultures throughout history have subscribed to some form of body art or body manipulation, and for many, this included tattoos. Here at Ageless Arts Tattoo & Body Piercing Studios (Chicago & Oak Park, IL. We only use the finest jewelry available. We use internally threaded body jewelry. As you can see the external piece has threads on the post that can reopen, scratch and cut your piercing. The internally threaded piece is good and smooth and will cause no trauma to tissue when it is inserted.

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2410 South Kedzie Avenue
Chicago, IL
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Ageless Arts Tattoo & Body Piercing Studios
read moreMichael Lopez is in the house! He arrived today and he is hanging out for a while. Catch him while you can. Michael Lopez is a New York native that loves doing black & gray tattoos and tattooing realism. He has been tattooing since 2008. His minimum is 100 and he is 175 an hour. One of Chicago's oldest Tattoo shops. Ageless Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing has been at the forefront of quality Tattoos & Body Piercings in Chicago Tattoo Shops, Oak Park surrounding suburbs since 2002. All our Tattoo Artist are highly experienced and can Draw your next Tattoo for you in our Tattoo Shops, just bring your ideas.
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read moreAge: 18 and over for piercing. Minors must be accompanied by a parent. We require a copy of your valid photo ID. For minors we require the minors ID along with birth certificate and parent's ID. We reserve the right to refuse any piercing, and will not do any piercings on minors that are considered to be genital piercings. Body Jewelry Quality: We only pierce with jewelry that is implant-grade and matches the minimum jewelry standard requirements of the APP (Association of Professional Piercers
Tattoo Guest Artists
read moreKeep up to date with our Guest Tattoo Artist. We will be updating this page frequently. We are looking to make and keep this a Guest Artist destination. If there is an amazing Tattoo Artist that is not in Chicago and you want them to come on down. Send us an e-mail through our contact form. We are always looking for talented Tattoo Artist & would love to host them. Manu has had a passion for drawing since he was young, you could say he was born with a pencil in his hand. In his teen years he discovered airbrush and finally in 2007 he took an airbrush course which.
Body Piercing Aftercare
read moreYou should never experience extremes of pain, swelling, redness, heat, discolored discharge or weeping from any piercing. These are signs of a problem. Contact us, or your doctor for advice. The longer the jewelry is left out, the tighter and more difficult reinsertion can be. The elastic nature of skin can make a healed piercing shrink, but not seal shut. We can usually put the jewelry back in for you pretty easily with a guide taper, as soon as possible after you remove it. You get to keep the guide to make it easier for you to change or remove in the future.
Chicago Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing
read moreWe know that almost all cultures throughout history have subscribed to some form of body art or body manipulation, and for many, this included tattoos. In 1991, the frozen, well-preserved body of a Siberian "Iceman" was discovered in the Alps. More than 5,000 years old, the body had 57 tattoos. In 1948, a Russian archaeologist who was excavating a group of tombs found the mummy of a Scythian Chieftain. On the mummy's right arm, there were tattoos of a donkey, a mountain ram, and two deer. As well, there were tattoos of four running rams that encircled his shin.
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