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Martial Arts Club in Joliet, IL Aiki Ninjutsu was founded in 2002 by Tom Jotoshi Maienza. Mr. Maienza blended together the philosophy, strategy and tactics of twelve systems of martial arts in which he became proficient during his over 30 years of practice. He also wove in his extensive experience of meditation, MMA, boxing, and wrestling. Nationally, he is among the highest ranked masters of several classical martial arts. He trained with the top, most knowledgeable masters in the world. For over thirty years, he trained daily. He began teaching professionally, sharing his knowledge and understanding since 1988. He compiled an incomparable set of 36 secret teachings and 16 foundational principles that lets Aiki Ninjutsu stand out from its contemporary martial systems.

Aiki Ninjutsu is a martial art that Maienza created by combining twelve different Japanese lineages that have been passed down for over a thousand years. Six of these systems were used by Samurai families and six were used by Ninja clans of feudal Japan. These twelve lineages have all been studied as individual martial arts. Aiki Ninjutsu is the first martial art to combine these systems to create a curriculum utilizing the best of each art.

The main focus of the Jizaikan student is to become a modern day warrior which is defined in the Jizaikan as someone who is an empowered and compassionate protector of others. The Jizai warrior strives to become a positive force in his community while at the same time guiding his life experience in a way that allows him to live the life they want while making the world a better place. To accomplish this goal, the modern day warrior must understand that every technique, strategy, principle and secret he will learn in the course of training has two sides, an omote or obvious side and an ura or not so obvious side. In simple terms, each technique learned is a vessel that contains a lesson that can be used in a physical confrontation as well as in everyday life relationships. By understanding and mastering these secrets, the Jizai warrior student will understand how to guide himself and the people in his life in a way that will benefit all of mankind. Because of the violent nature of martial arts, it is important that the true practitioner of the warrior arts understand that he must balance the devastating techniques he learns with the proper training to attain a good heart. This two-fold path of the warrior will enable him to be a benefit to society instead of a detriment.
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  • Year established: 2002

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