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Martial Arts Club in Sunnyvale, CA Aikido Silicon Valley, situated in the middle of Silicon Valley, offers individualized instruction to students at all levels. Our students evolve their skills by working directly with Bill Witt Shihan, a seventh degree black belt and Master teacher, Michael O'Quin Sensei, a fifth degree black belt, and Alice MacAllister Sensei, a fifth degree black belt. All have over three decades of Aikido experience. Our school's Class Schedule includes morning and evening classes. Aikido is an alternative and supplement to Karate and other traditional Martial Arts: Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, etc, delivering health, fitness and self defense benefits.

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790 E Duane Ave
Sunnyvale, CA
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read moreAikido Silicon Valley is led by Dojo Cho David Yoshinaga, 5th degree black belt, Alice MacAllister Sensei, 5th degree black belt, Bill Witt Sensei, 8th degree black belt and Shihan (master instructor) and James Ashby Sensei, 5th degree black belt. Our lineage traces directly to Saito Morihiro Sensei and the founder of Aikido Ueshiba Morihei O-Sensei. The techniques practiced at Aikido Silicon Valley reflects the Aikido that was practiced by the Founder in Iwama, which continues on to this day. Our student body consists of members who have been training with us for more than 10 years and have achieved ranks up to 5th degree black belt.
read moreDuring this period of distance learning, we are offering 30 minute virtual beginner's classes made for a person who has no prior knowledge of Aikido. You will learn fundamentals by watching videos of techniques accompanied with an explanation of how the technique works, then practicing the movements on your own. These classes are meant to accompany the regular classes and provide a foundation to build your technique on. Experience Aikido with three free classes. You will be partnered with a senior student who give you individualized instruction alongside the regular class and will introduce you to fundamental concepts of Aikido.
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