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Air Conditioning Company in San Mateo, CA The continuous use and application of any piece of equipment determines the equipment service frequency. This information, along with manufacturer's recommendations and our experience assures the client's equipment receives the most cost-effective maintenance within the industry. Why risk having your equipment brake down when you need it the most? This preventive service package is the greatest peace of mind we provide. Take control of unexpected equipment failures.

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Residential Air Conditioning
read moreA California summer just wouldn't be tolerable without a reliable air conditioning system for your home or business! Air Temp Co is a trusted air conditioning contractor serving The Bay Area with top-quality maintenance, repair, and installation services. A lot of companies talk about customer satisfaction or even include it in their company tagline. We live this promise every single day on each job we do. Our passion is to enhance the quality of our customers' indoor comfort control by providing industry-leading service and solutions.
Commercial Refrigeration Repair
read moreWe are licensed, insured and trained in all types of refrigeration, air conditioning and related refrigeration products. Our techs are up to date with the latest technology, giving you two technicians for the price of one. We provide honest, fast and reliable service. Reasonable trip charges. AirTemp Co. Refrigeration work on and maintain, Ice Machines, Walk In Coolers, Air Conditioners, Freezers and any of your Refrigeration Needs. We service San Mateo County other cities in and around Peninsula.
Commercial Air Conditioning
read moreAir Temp Co Services provides a complete range of commercial air conditioning services for our clients. We understand the demands of running a facility, and the role a commercial air conditioning system plays in this. Air Temp Services is your best source for complete service on all brands of commercial air conditioning and equipment. Our staff of Air Temp Co-trained and experienced commercial AC service and installation technicians provide fast response for your maintenance, repair, retrofit and emergency HVAC needs.
Residential Heating Repair
read moreWhen the average person thinks of California, they think of hot and humid weather. And there's no doubt we have a lot of that! However, when winter nights drop down to the 40's and 50's, the hot days are momentarily forgotten and an efficient heating system is in demand! Air Temp Cobrings the same quality of service that we do during our hot summers to the cooler, winter months. In our day of mass media, large companies and looking for the best deal, customer service is often cast to the side as a lower priority item.
Furnace Repair
read moreEvery furnace will require an inspection, between the wood burning, cast iron furnaces and the all-electric, new furnaces there are a ton of problems that can happen in between. Our inspection will find all of these problems and produce a written quote for you to keep. Once we sit down and go over the quote in our consultation, we will be able to update you on all the information you need before we begin the repairs. This can be as simple as fixing and replacing the wiring to changing some of the larger parts and pieces.
Commercial Heating Repair
read moreAtAir Temp Co, we offer the best heating repairs to serve your needs. We want to make sure your heating system is running efficiently in your business. That is why we offer repairs and maintenance services to make sure your heating units are working to the best of their capabilities. Our contractors have the knowledge and experience needed to help you with all your heating repairs in the San Mateo, CA area. We stay up to date with the current trends in the industry so we can provide you with the best services and products, making your purchases worth every penny.
read moreIf you are already in possession of a refrigerator, it's time for us to give it a look. Problems that can occur with refrigerators can range from blocked or gunked up vents, poor refrigerant levels, bad electrical connections or simply too many things inside the system. When we have isolated and itemized the problems with your refrigerator, we will then produce a written quote for our services. Once we agree on the terms of the business, we can get to work on fixing your commercial refrigerator.
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