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Cleaning Services in New York, NY STEAMERS carpet cleaning provides a range of professional cleaning services both for domestic and commercial requirements. Our expert and specially skilled technicians supply the highest service available and will do any effort to keep you pleased with the delivered service. Dirt and soil are easily seen on a hard surface and soon wipe off, but on carpet it can soon work its way deep into the fibers where the abrasive action will cause them to deteriorate and need replacing prematurely.

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Aladdin Carpet & Upholstery
read moreWelcome to STEAMERS Carpet Cleaning, a leading national company for carpet and upholstery cleaning. Using a professional team of technicians, we are committed to provide you with the best local service in each of our services. Portable or truck-mounted equipment is used to spray heated detergent solution into the carpet pile at a high pressure and immediately extracted along with the suspended soil particles. The machine may employ rotary brushes or another agitating device to work the solution into the pile and loosen soil.
About Us
read moreSTEAMERS Carpet Cleaning is one of the leading national Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning companies. STEAMERS Carpet Cleaning is a privately owed company, with branches all over the US. We use experienced teams of well-trained professional technicians, to provide you with the most satisfying service possible. We specialize in different type of services with the residential and commercial cleaning, always using the most suitable technique from steam cleaning to dry compound. STEAMERS Carpet Cleaning offers a variety of services for residential needs, such as: wall to wall carpet cleaning, area rugs cleaning, antique rugs cleaning, special rugs cleaning (Persian, hand made and others), upholstery cleaning, wood floors cleaning and repair, we take care of water or fire damage and all other house cleaning services.
Upholstery cleaning by Steamers
read moreA frequent deep clean of your upholstery will ensure longer life of your favorite furniture. Upholstery involves a variety of fabrics types. Our experienced technicians will be able to give you an immediate estimation of the required cleaning service. Any type of required cleaning service can be provided by our professional technicians from simple to delicate fabrics. With the appropriate care, your upholstered living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture can provide many years of splendid use.
Office Cleaning NYC
read moreOur office cleaning staff is professional, energetic and well trained. We make sure that your office is cleaned with attention to even the smallest details. We take care of all legal aspects of insurance, workers compensation, social security benefits, etc. As part of our service, we clean office equipment including phones, computers, copiers, (as well as dust furniture, pictures & mirrors, vacuum and take out the trash). In the bathroom and kitchen we clean dishes and appliances. Our carpet technicians can clean your carpets, area rugs and upholstered items.
Rug Cleaning NYC
read moreEven though your rug looks clean, normal settling of dust is abrasive and will shorten the life of your rug. A Rug can be a purchase for a lifetime and for generations if cared for properly. The information contained herein offers simple, basic tips on cleaning and protecting your rug. These rug cleaning tips are merely suggestions and you may wish to contact your rug cleaning professional for advice. Depending on foot traffic your rug will need periodic washing by a rug cleaning professional. When stains occur, dilute with water.
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