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Tiling & Flooring Company in Albany, NY Tile is a natural product that possesses the appealing physical characteristics of stone: durability, ease of maintenance, stain resistance, inflammability, and color retention (it doesn't fade. In addition, porcelain tile and many stone tiles are impervious and therefore do not absorb moisture. As such, these tiles have none of the troubles with fungi, mold, germs, and dust mites often associated with carpet and several wood floors. And besides all that, it is pretty! With its endless range of color, texture, luminosity, and depth, tile can appoint your home like no other product can.

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Albany Tile Supply
read moreAt Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug, our attentive, knowledgeable design consultants will work with you (and your design professional) as you select finishes for your home or business. We will assist you in creating your desired aesthetic using our expansive product collection, eight decades of experience, and keen eye for design. Since the founding of Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug in 1932, we have had the privilege of creating amazing results with tens of thousands of property owners. Our product collection contains only the highest quality tile, stone, and wool rugs, and carpet, and our design consultants are seasoned navigators of this carefully chosen collection.
What to Bring With You When You
read moreEven if you are not making an appointment before your visit (again, we strongly encourage you to speak with us and make an appointment), there are certain things you may want to bring with you to make the design and selection process more efficient.
Installation Materials
read moreWe are knowledgeable regarding all the products needed to install the flooring and finishes that we sell. We are up-to-speed on, for example, the latest advances in: tile grout; prefabricated, tile-able, shower systems; and fungi-resistant carpet padding.
Make an Appointment With a Tile
read moreWhile an appointment is not required, it is strongly recommended, especially for those with large or complex projects. When you work with us, your visit will be much more productive ifyou'vedone a little homework beforehand. Have you chosen any other finishes for the space? Are there any existing finishes to consider?
Luxurious Wool Carpet at Albany
read moreSoft, warm, and quiet, carefully-chosen, quality carpet (with quality padding underneath) can be used to create most any desired ambiance. With careful attention to the details of carpeting — color, pattern, fiber, and weave — you can define rich and inviting spaces within your home. Generally considered to be the most comfortable flooring underfoot, carpeting is best suited for areas of the home that are removed from outside entryways. Maintaining the sharp appearance of your carpet will require regular vacuuming, quick attention to spills, and annual professional cleaning.
Albany Tile Sells Luxury Porcelain
read moreFor 86 years, Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug has assisted interior designers, architects, and property owners in determining appropriate, functional, and cost-effective finishes for commercial structures. We have done it all, from the elegant finishes of the Newport Country Club (as it prepared to host the LPGA Championship), the Saratoga National Golf Club, Jack's Oyster House, and the L.T. Begnal Motor Company, to the functional finishes of neighborhood Burger King and KFC restaurants, and everything in between.
Design Ideas & New Product Intros
read moreOne more time? In February 2012 we wrote about ‘click' together porcelain tile that did not need to be set in mortar to the subfloor (floating porcelain tile floor). We weren't fans at that time because it was difficult to snap the pieces together tightly. Fast-forward seven years and Dal Tile has re-introduced ‘click' together porcelain tile with a much more promising result. This next generation click-together porcelain tile is intended as an alternative to conventionally installed porcelain tile and LVT (luxury vinyl tile).
Flooring & Tile Collections
read moreAfter decades of single-minded focus on tile and stone, we have recently expanded our selection (and our name) to include luxury vinyl tile & planks ("LVT"), and fine wool carpet and rugs. While we have what is unquestionably one of the most expansive selection in Albany-Saratoga area, we also pride ourselves on the care we take when deciding what we put on display in our store's showroom. Our diverse array of products allows us to cater to both commercial and residential audiences. And, while our collection is undoubtedly comprised of the highest-quality materials, we are also able to create high-end looks for those on a budget.
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