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Locksmith in Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque Locksmith is a staff of qualified locksmiths, who provide mobile security solutions for cars, houses and businesses. The company serves the local community of Albuquerque, as well as other nearby areas. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The technicians' average response time is only 20 minutes from the moment they receive a call from the customer.

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Albuquerque Locksmith
read moreAre you looking for a local professional locksmith service that you can trust anytime, that offers fair rates? If you are browsing this page because you need a new car key made, a car lock out, or any other security-related solution, you can always count on our team. We have you covered 24 hours a day! Call us now at 505-336-1308, our nearest locksmith will get to your location within 20 minutes of your call! We understand that your locksmith needs and concerns are a priority, especially when it comes to security.
To Whom Should You Give Your Spare
read moreIn order to prevent a situation of being locked out from home/ your car, duplicate keys and give them to trusted friends or family members, which you can call upon if you get lock out. Concider leaving a copy of your key with a neighbor you can trust, or a co-worker who isnt too far from you most of the day. Locksmiths Albuquerque are glad to offer you an onsite key making service, just contact us and we will be with you shortly!
Preventing a House Unlock Service
read moreThere are many reasons that make us call a residential locksmith for a house unlock service. It can be because we left the keys inside the house. It can also be because we dropped the keys somewhere. Avoid house unlock service by having an extra key- Keeping a spare key does help avoid getting a house unlock service. Just remember to bring the spare key with you, each time you leave the house. Avoid house unlock service by asking another person to keep a spare key- This is another tip that will work if you will give the spare key to someone whom you can trust.
Locksmith in South Valley
read moreIf you have any type of security related need in South Valley, NM area, give us a quick call at (505) 226-1653! Our staff is fully qualified to solve all your problems, from when you accidentally have locked yourself out of your house, lost your car key, or any other similar issue. Wherever security needs you might have (automobile, residential or commercial) - you can rely on our knowledgeable technicians to get to you in less than 20 minutes! Give us the Job and see what happens! We don't compromise on hiring less than the most qualified and well trained technicians.
How to Choose an Auto Locksmith
read moreAn auto locksmith is the first person that comes to mind when you are in a car security scenario. You might be in a rush, but you still need to make sure that you are calling someone who can really help you. Ask for referrals- Your friends who have experienced being in a car security situation and have actually called an auto locksmith can help you. You can ask them about their experience and from there, you can have an idea on who to call. Make sure the auto locksmith has a license- All kinds of locksmith are mandated by law to have a license.
Car Ignition Solutions
read moreThe first step to solving a car ignition problem is knowing that there is actually a problem. Yes, you have to be a person who knows something about car ignition problems. Get an early key replacement- If your car key already looks worn out, then having a new key made will solve this problem. It is not good to wait until the ignition key is totally worn out. Early key replacement will prevent your key and lock from being more damaged, which will save you cash in the long run. Key and tumbler assembly replacement- If solution number one does not work, then this is the next step.
Lock Change and Office Security
read moreAre you thinking of other ways of protecting your office apart from getting a lock change? Be more informed by our news this month. You probably know how a lock change help protect your office. And not, we recommend to read the article "Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations". A high quality lock change service, like locksmith Albuquerque can prevent intruders from easily breaking in to your workplace. This goes for people who go in and out of the office so as to make sure no intruder would be able to enter the office.
Avoid Office Security Mistakes
read moreYou take care of your belongings, you pay attention to security reminders that are given by the higher ups. What you do not know of is that there might just be some things which you regularly do in the office that actually threatens office security. We know how useful stick notes are as reminders. Some even have their ID numbers on these pieces of papers. This is definitely an office security mistake as strangers can find their way in the office to have access on delicate information. Leaving the keys and locks damaged- We cannot talk about office security without mentioning locks and keys.
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