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Family Counselor in Centennial, CO
Family Counselor in Centennial, CO The clinical experience I bring spans from 1997 to the present. I am licensed in the State of Colorado in Clinical Social Work and also hold a Certificate in Couples and Family therapy from The Denver Family Institute.

Marriage and couples counseling has been a passion of mine for a long time, and I have recently completed level one training of The Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT).

PACT is a remarkable couple model in that it goes deep very quickly thus allowing couples to truly understand one another and respond in ways that support the great good of the relationship and ultimately themselves.

Some of my other specialties include securing attachment in families with adopted children, chronic illness, grief and loss and trauma informed therapy. EMDR is an excellent tool for the treatment of trauma. I am level two trained in EMDR directly from the EMDR Institute.
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  • Centennial, Parker, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Lone Tree, Foxfield, Aurora and Denver Tech Center (DTC)
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12150 E Briarwood Ave #210
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Couples Counseling
read moreStrong romantic partnerships can bring tremendous comfort, security and well-being. They also require a lot of work, which can be challenging for couples.

Often we get so caught up in the routine of everyday life that we as a couple suffer. When this happens, we frequently overlook the fact that our intimate relationships need just as much care and attention as do the other important areas in our lives.

It is easy to put romance and connection on the back burner in the name of children, jobs, stress and being too tired. However, that is the last thing couples should do!

When couples prioritize their relationship above all else, beautiful things can happen. Wrong doings can be repaired, resentment can fade, and anger and hurt can melt away.
Parenting Adopted Children
read moreParenting adopted children frequently comes with a unique set of challenges. Often I see parents who are experiencing attachment difficulties with their children, and they feel like they are failing in their attempts to provide the supportive and loving home they had envisioned.

If you are struggling with melt downs, sleep difficulties, physical aggression, over-compliance or giving in to the wishes of others easily, acting out, fearfulness, running away, cutting or other concerning behaviors in your adopted child or children, please dont give up! Help is available.
Individual Counseling
read moreSometimes people need their own private time with their therapist to discuss their concerns individually, as many feel safer and more open to earnest personal insight in a one-on-one setting.

In individual counseling, there is no competition in relation to time or focus, and I can be solely attentive to you! Powerful insights can arise and be processed at a pace and depth which we establish together.

At Align Counseling of Colorado, I provide individual counseling for anyone who needs or wants their own hour for whatever reason.


Becky Fraser
read moreSuzanne is not only warm and caring, she creates a safe, judgement free zone.
Allison Rimland
read moreSuzanne is a very talented therapist. She is passionate about helping couples and families grow stronger together. She specializes in helping couples and families who have adopted children, as well as couples who have been impacted by trauma. I find Suzanne incredibly warm and her presence puts me at ease.
Misty McIntyre, LMFT
read moreHaving known Suzanne Smith professionally, I know that she is invested in providing high quality therapy to her clients. Whether you are looking to improve your relationship with yourself, your spouse or family members, or whether you're learning to face difficult problems with more ease, Suzanne is a perfect fit. She stands out in the Colorado area as a therapist who is willing to help parents and couples of adopted children have more peace of mind and heart. Suzanne absolutely understands that solid relationships can make the bad times tolerable and the good times extraordinary. You'll love working with her!

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Align Counseling of Colorado
read moreMaybe things have been unpleasant or unsatisfying for you for so long that it feels like it will always be this way. Perhaps you have tried everything, yet you continue to struggle to keep your relationship afloat. Meanwhile, resentment, mistrust, loneliness, anger or not feeling understood by your significant other are taking their toll. Life is tough. It takes courage to admit that things are not working as they are and change is needed in your relationship. When they are going well, marriages and partnerships can provide the ultimate source of support, strength and healing.
About Us
read moreI believe you already have everything you need to experience greater fulfillment, peace, and health individually and in your relationships. Along life's journeys, we have all picked up stories, habits, and wounds that make it hard to remember our wholeness and incredible capacity for growth. The most challenging and complex situations and relationships are also full of opportunity and beauty. I am passionate about supporting individuals and couples in navigating the challenges and uncovering the opportunities within their relationships and lives.
Marriage counseling & therapy Denver
read moreStrong romantic partnerships can bring tremendous comfort, security and well-being. Often we get so caught up in the routine of everyday life that our love relationships suffer. Sometimes people need their own private time with their therapist to discuss their concerns individually, as many feel safer and more open to earnest personal insight in a one-on-one setting. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a well-studied and empirically validated therapeutic tool to reduce or completely eradicate the distressing symptoms of post-traumatic stress.
Marriage counseling
read moreIn Dr. Gary Chapman's best-known work, The Five Love Languages, he discusses the ways in which partners give, receive, and experience love. The book also addresses how we perceive love in relationship, and how we can actively work towards knowing what our partner wishes for in turn, and take steps to increase understanding, mutuality, and intimacy. Oftentimes, one partner might process internally or innately need more time alone, while the other may be searching for more constant connection. Do you find that you desire for your significant other to reach out to you more?
Marriage counseling & therapy
read moreAre you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Please don't wait another minute! We look forward to meeting you!
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