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Driving School in San Diego, CA What if you could learn your California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) approved classroom material online - no classroom study at all? Would you believe me? What if I told you I can teach you defensive driving and step-by-step instructions on how to drive a stick or automatic car in a short time? Would you be interested? I bet you would. All City Stick Driving School is the only driving school in San Diego that offers stick shift training! But, of course, we teach you to drive an automatic if you prefer. We provide you individual, hands-on training at your convenience.

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964 5th ave 226
San Diego, CA
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read moreWe provide services for all major hotels valet parking training as well as Ace parking. Our stick shift/standard training can also be purchased through our DVDS and Apps, that right the same method used in our day-to-day training is now available on DVD. Using only this DVD with its easy five-step process, our method has shown success rates of over 98%, when followed correctly. It has been tested in age groups ranging from 15 to 75 years old both male and female with outstanding result. Students must give our office 24 hours notice of any schedule changes or cancellations.
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read moreThank you, so much All City Stick Driving School, it was not only a learning experiment but also a GREAT one. Maurice, your a cool teacher, and a good one! Well thanks again and I'm going to spread the word about All City Stick Driving School and tell the world how great it is. Thank you All City Stick Driving School for teaching me the impossible! To be honest, I never thought I would be driving a stick shift car, nor did my parents. Now I am driving all over, on hills, in traffic, you name it, i'm driving it.
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read moreNoe you can easily and inexpensively learn to drive Standerd/Stick Shift car of your dream. Created with inputs from prodigies who have been helping people learn how to drive for the past so many years, comes 'Learn to Drive StickShift, one of the finest online driving apps that you can find in the market! This is the reason that we have put in our best efforts to come up with this driving education app that helps beginners learn how to drive and hit the road like a master driver. It doesn't get any easier than this!
read moreWhether you are a beginner looking to master the driving skills or you are an experienced driver who needs help getting test ready, we have dedicated resources for each of you. We do not just offer quality training, but make sure you get the best driving school prices in San Diego and other nearby areas. Contact us now to learn more about the location and skill-specific pricing such as standard transmission or stick shift price in San Diego. No matter where you live, we offer services in a wide range of areas including San Diego, National City, La Jolla, Del Mar, and Coronado.
read moreWe highly recommend watching our videos to help you get rid of your driving fear and learn the skills that can help you on your journey to master driving. You can choose from a large number of options ranging from basic intro to driving to professional stick shift training videos. All the videos below are filmed keeping in mind the different levels of the trainee, so that you can just get into it. Based on your location, you can choose the driving lesson videos in your language and begin with the process of learning to drive.
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