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With over 26 years of video production experience, we've produced best quality products for national, regional, and local customers - at costs lower than you'd expect. How? Because of our low overhead. We specialize in Digital Compositing and Digital Editing. We can hire videographers, script writers, etc, but only as needed. That means no one is sitting around waiting for work. It means we are a lean, efficient firm that wants to give you the most creative, most cost-efficient product possible.

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Boulder, CO
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Als Digital House
read moreLocated in Lakewood, Colorado. Al's Digital House produces visual storytellers. Stories that captures your audience's attention using stunning animation and 4K/HD editing. When you begin with a concept, the most important start to a successful video project is the LISTENING phase. Finding out who the audience is. Main Topics. What is the pacing and feel to images and animation? Who's going to be involved. What budget restraints are there. How is it going to be viewed? You cannot produce the perfect video with starting down the same path together.
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read moreNow days, video is used more than just on TV monitors. We watch video clips online, on our phones, digital signage at the gas pumps, electronic billboards, meetings, TV's with OnDemand, IPTV, TiVo and satellite just to name a few. Al's Digital House helps corporations to use video for communications, training, eye catching animation and digital media sites for marketing and other video products. When creating a concept, you need to think "Big Picture" and Al's Digital House has the experience to develop your concepts from beginning to end.
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