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Cleaning Services in Fort Worth, TX We are a married couple that owns our business here locally ready to serve you, your family and your business needs. If you have any questions please feel free to ask because we have the answers you need. We provide the highest quality carpet cleaning available using the #1 rated state-of-the art equipment to protect your flooring investment by exceeding carpet manufacturers warranties. This makes our process smarter, cleaner, more efficient and healthier too.

Angie and Shane also accept credit cards. We believe that your identity and credit card information should be protected and safe, that is why we do not ask you for your credit card information over the phone. We bring a credit card swipe machine to your home or business (just like you use in stores) and you swipe the card, safely and securely. Now the bank is the only one that gets your credit card information which gives you the banks security, insurance and fraud protection which will make all your transactions with us safe and secure. We will not compromise your security in fact we will protect and secure your identity and all your personal information.

Has your home been flooded? Angie and Shane's Water Removal and Restoration services specializes in Water Damage. We are renowned for our 24-7 emergency service with 30-60 minute response time. No one does it better when it comes to water extraction, removal and restoration services. Damage in your home can be caused by leaking pipes, flooding, severe weather, improperly sealed windows, a leaking roof, overflowing sinks, tubs or toilets, improper drainage, as well as many other sources. Once the water is discovered, it is imperative that the Water Removal and Restoration be performed immediately to prevent further damage and mold growth. IICRC certified. Let us be there for you and your family in this difficult time of need. We will even help you handle the insurance claim and do the billing process for you. Don't have insurance or insurance won't cover you, don't worry we will take care of you because your home is IMPORTANT to you and us. We perform water removal and restoration services for both residential and commercial properties. We will get rid of all the unnecessary water, dry your carpets, floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, and finally restore your home or business to its original or even better condition. Angie and Shane will take complete care of you and all your needs, don't delay call us NOW 817-705-4108.

Wehave a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Compare our process to other companies.

We service residential and commercial.

We use an AMAZING 1 of a kind 6 step deep cleaning process.

1.) Before we clean, we give your floors a high powered deep penetrating vacuum, which removes up to 90% of the dirt that's present. (And that's 90% more than most other companies, because they simply don't offer or don't take the time for this very important step).

2.) Next, we apply a heated, top of the line pre-treatment solution and we add Ultra Citra Boost to the pre-treatment which is formulated to remove vegetable oils and greasy substances from cooking, plus the citrus smells great too.

3.) Then we rake the heated solution/Citra into your carpet to loosen the remaining soil on your carpet fibers to provide a deeper carpet cleaning.

4.) Now we use the Hydramaster RX-20 which rotates at 650 revolutions per minute. The RX-20 has superior vacuum in conjunction with our Prochem Everest Truck Mount (rated #1 in the industry) with steam heat at 260 degrees (using less water, not soaking your carpets). The RX-20 will get your carpet 95% cleaner than the traditional carpet wand. ONLY 5% of carpet cleaners use the RX-20 because of the expense, time and extra steps that must be taken.

5.) Now we go back over your carpet with the Evolution Titanium wand and power-vacuum again, leaving a spotless, deeper superior clean living space.

6.) Finally we place a Dri-Eaz high speed down force fan to help the drying process to prevent re-soiling and those uncomfortable wet socks. Ask the competitor if they offer this AMAZING step.
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  • IICRC Certified
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Angie and Shane's Carpet Cleaning
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Angie and Shane's Carpet Cleaning
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