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Pest Control Services in Nashua, NH As a 3rd generation family business, our reputation is every- thing. Began in 1925, we became the 1st professional pest management company set up in New Hampshire and we remain the most successful and effective because of our reputation and referrals from our customers. JP Pest Services offers cluster fly control. In August, September and early October, cluster flies seek protected places in great numbers. In many cases, this is within walls, attics and storage rooms of houses. Learn more about our Cluster Fly Control Solutions and how JP Pest Services can assist you today!

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Ant Be Gone
read moreWe know local pest control because we know New England. From Maine to Mass and from Brattleboro to Portsmouth, we're proud to serve the region we call home. If you see us out on the road, give a wave - then, give us a call. I had an issue with bird mites in my bedroom caused by birds nesting in the eaves of our old Mill building. Your company's response was immediate. Joel and Cassie worked with me on the problem and have been fantastic very patient and supportive when my anxiety level was off the charts!
About Us
read morePicture the "Roaring Twenties, " a time of unlimited economic growth, prosperity, and opportunity in the United States. During this exciting time, Portuguese immigrant, J. Justin Pestana, "Jack, " and his wife Gladys, were staking their claim on the American Dream by launching J.P. Chemical Company in 1925. Jack had a plan to build a janitorial supply business to serve the greater Boston Metro area. For nearly four years after the company was formed, Jack enjoyed steady and profitable growth and even began a side business that provided pest control services to his customers.
Commercial Pest Control & Protection
read moreWith nearly a century of experience helping businesses battle pests, our team at JP Pest Services respects your needs and keeps current with the latest industry advances to deliver unparalleled pest control to your business.
Wildlife Control
read moreYou can't be in business since 1925 and not understand the behavior of New England's wildlife. Certainly not to the acclaim that JP Pest Services has garnered in its more than nine decades as an established pest control business. When you're ready to rid your home of unwanted wildlife, contact the JP Pest Services team. We have the experience, research-backed knowledge, and innovative products to remove these pests safely, humanely, and, most importantly.
Mosquito Removal & Prevention
read moreThat incessant buzzing in your ear, soon accompanied by an itchy spot on your arms or legs -- these are signs of the dreaded mosquito bite, a badge of summer adventurers. Unfortunately, you needn't adventure much further than your own backyard to suffer a run-in with a mosquito. More than just a pest, mosquitoes pack a bite that can result in irritated, itchy welts which can become infected if left untreated. Worse, mosquitoes transmit diseases, including Zika, malaria, yellow fever, and West Nile virus, among others.
Raccoon Removal & Protection
read moreKnown for their invasive scavenging tendencies and search for shelter, raccoons pose a common problem for homeowners throughout New England. Risking removal on your own could result in a bite or scratch, or even exposure to fecal matter, all of which could expose you -- or the family dog -- to diseases. Often, raccoons are spotted near trash receptacles, scrounging for scraps. While it's never a good idea to leave the lids off garbage and recycling bins, raccoons can be attracted to your property by more than just a barrel of leftovers.
Rodent Control & Removal
read moreIf you live in New England, the chances of having a rodent issue is highly likely. Mice and rats have become exceptionally common and they are notorious for seeking shelter inside homes. Rodents go beyond just being a nuisance pest issue; they pose serious health and safety risks. They are also capable of significant home damages resulting in value depreciation. Both rural and urban settings throughout New England have experienced an increase in rodent populations over the last few years and this is why rodents have become one of the most frequent service calls we receive.
Home Ant Removal & Prevention
read moreNo matter which specific species you're dealing with, ants are very invasive and will damage your home over time as they build their nests and grow their massive colonies. Here in New England, the three top ant aggressors are the carpenter ant, the odorous house ant, and the pavement ant. All three of these (with the exception of the odorous house ant, which is not a fan of winter) will make themselves right at home in your home, year-round. Look around doors and windows, as well as holes encircling pipes or cables for signs of carpenter ants.
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