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Business Consultant in Roanoke, VA Jennifer Leake is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). This certification, awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants USA, represents the highest global standards and ethical canons of the profession. Fewer than 1% of all consultants have achieved this level of excellence.

Jennifer Leake began her consulting practice in 1990, leaving Corporate America when one promotion too many pushed her from positions she loved in sales, management and training to a "poor fit" position that she hated. After 18 months, she could no longer get motivated to go to work each day, so decided to open Assessment Pros LLC.

Her experiences in hiring and training sales people taught her that the most important qualities a job applicant possesses may not show on the surface. Conversely, great interviewees didn't always translate into great performers. She discovered employee assessments were an excellent resource for determining:

- the best applicant for any given position,

- to fast start a new hire, and

- to coach and manage employees that you may have fired otherwise.

When you select candidates with the best "job fit", then train and manage employees to utilize their skills and strengths, businesses can avoid people problems and build effective and productive teams.

We offer assessments in the areas of:

* Behavior and communication styles
* Business motivators
* Corporate culture
* Conflict resolution
* Customer service
* Job-fit benchmarks
* Leadership development
* Skills
* Sales
* Team development
* Workplace Engagement
* and much more.

We are dedicatedto help businesses avoid hiring candidates unlikely to meet the needs and objectives of the company. Remember, the most thorough selection process costs less than hiring one wrong employee.

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read moreThere are 3 key pieces to get your people engaged and involved in their jobs and your company. Let me help you create and implement a proven people system to reduce workplace drama - because your employees love what they do, enjoy who they work with, and respect who they work for. Having an EPS - ENGAGED People System means better performance and more profits for you. Hire employees who fit the job, your team, your management style, and your company culture. Address the lack of time, energy, and perhaps, experience that hinders your ability to provide the ongoing feedback that employees crave - especially the Millennial and growing Gen Z work force.
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