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A healing space is a place where knowledge is power. People who are in pain or experiencing too much stress often stay that way due to lack of education for their own wellness. Those around them may not understand what they are going through physiologically either and sadly, in some cases don't want to hear about it. This can lead the sufferer to the point of dissociating from their own pain, living with dysfunction, and progressing to chronic states. Anyone in this type of situation not only requirements validation, but to be given hope and information for empowerment toward their own betterment.

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read moreI always go to Joe for a massage. He knows a multitude of techniques, is compassionate and is able to provide a wonderful massage. I feel like I was just on vacation after seeing him yesterday. I was so stressed and beginning to get ill. He plays lovely music during the massage and you are the only one there. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a true professional! Joe is truly the best. He helped me as I was healing from breaking my spine in five places. He was so knowledgeable and professional and provided much needed relief.
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read moreThere are many different causes for headaches as well as many different types of headaches. This will lead to a decision of whether massage therapy will help relieve your headaches. In some cases, it may be necessary to err to the side of caution and refer you to another health care professional. If you are a good candidate for headache relief from massage therapy, a variety of techniques will be used to relieve your pain. When the suboccipitals are tight, they may affect blood vessels which are near nerves associated with protective coverings of the brain.
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read moreTo help prevent the spread of illness, if you have cold or flu symptoms please schedule when you are feeling better. Advanced bodywork is therapy for specific anatomical issues. The therapist applies laser-targeted focus to injuries and strains. Advanced protocols often provide significant relief in between one and four advanced bodywork therapy sessions.
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