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Electrician in Mobile, AL
Electrician in Mobile, AL We use approved materials so you don't have to worry! We are licensed and insured. We have many years experience as an electrical contractor company. We are KNOWN through the industrial market here in the Mobile area. Our workmanship, references and pride in our work makes Autumn Electric your only choice for all your electrical service needs.

Electricity is very useful but very dangerous. Electricity is in just about everything we do today. Many people believe that installing or repairing electrical wiring is simply a matter of turning off the power and then hooking things up. This kind of mentality could give them th shock of their lives. One small error and you will know immediately that you should have called Autumn Electric to do the job!

Wiring can become old &freyed over the years which could cause a short and possibly a fire. It is a really good idea to have all your wiring inspected on a routine basis. How can you tell your choice of electrician wasn't a mistake? An execellent choice would be an electrician who has been properly trained, is insured, licensed and understands local building and wiring codes. A professional and honest electrician charges a reasonable rate for their services and tries to stay within the quote you were given.
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  • Mobile County
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  • Serving residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Licensed and insured

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3801 Dauphin Island Parkway
Mobile, AL
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Residential Services
read moreAutumn Electric is the company you can depend on when it comes to residential wiring and your electrical needs. Whether it is a new home or an existing home, Autumn Electric is the right choice! We also sell and service home generators.
Industrial Services
read moreWe currently have industrial contracts with many different types of industrial plants and services. We hold all of the necessary licensure & insurance required by most applications. We work with large industrial motors, switch gear, wiring...etc. We are also your one stop headquarters for Industrial Generators.

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Autumn Electric Commercial Electrical
read moreAutumn Electric is very involved in many commercial building electrical projects. There are many different types of commercial accounts that we support. It could be a small manufacturing facility or a large office complex, but no matter what your application is, Autumn Electric is there to help you with all your electrical needs. If you would like to talk about your upcoming project or a sudden problem in your building, please don't hesitate to Contact Us today!
Autumn Electric Electrical Services
read moreAutumn Electric offers only experienced and qualified electricians to perform all of our electrical services. We offer service for all types of residential, commercial and industrial applications. We constantly review new regulations in code for all of our areas of expertise. Making sure we are always operating under current code laws, perform our work with safety as our first concern and giving our customers quality service is always our first priority! We also specialize in Motor Controls and Switch Boards for the industrial plants.
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