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Translation Services in Santa Barbara, CA We area global translation and localization company, with offices in Santa Barbara, California and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since 2000, our company has provided professional linguistic solutions to businesses, organizations, government entities, and individuals around the world.

With a large experienced team, Babel Linguistics works in 20+ languages and industries and accepts projects both large and small. We are different because we provide customers with important insights into their end audience, we help them carefully consider their communication strategies, and we highlight any issues that may occur in the translation process. Babel Linguistics is committed to raise social consciousness through functional communication and respect for quality language.
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  • Local & Global
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  • Serving residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Licensed and insured
  • Year established: 2000
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  • website localization
  • software localization
  • gaming localization
  • simultaneous interpreting
  • consecutive interpreting
  • literary translation
  • spanish copywriting
  • marketing translation
  • technical translation
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Santa Barbara, CA
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read moreOur team of professional linguists are experienced at translating literary and highly technical content for diverse industries. We specialize in leveraging translation and localization services with new media, including brands and documentation, software, web sites, marketing ancillaries, video presentations, and e-learning content in multiple languages and locations.

Weuse sophisticated memory recognition software to maintain text consistency as a MultiTerm database is developed for the language of every project. Tools like TRADOS assist in meeting tight deadlines and developing powerful translation memories (TMs) for further reference. TMs allow archiving translated content into a memory file, which is used conveniently in future similar translations from same client. When a new content is ready for translation, we run a parallel analysis to obtain the number of new words, matches and repetitions that exist between the new document and the TM. As a result, we factor in the discount for those matches and repetitive words for your final cost estimate, making your project more affordable each time.
read moreWebsite Localization:

We specialize in the process of translating a website's user interface (UI) and content from one language into another. When necessary, we also adapt the website's design and functions to suit the foreign culture associated with the target language. Our process comprises localization and adaptation of online and interactive content, creation of glossaries and style guides, terminology management, translation memory management, localization of 2D/3D graphics, web and multimedia productions, audio/video and flash components, web publishing, and multilingual content management connectivity.

Software Localization:

Babel Linguistics verifies that products, applications, and content meet the language and the local specific requirements of global markets. This process comprises Translation verification testing (native linguists and editors verify text accuracy), Localization functional testing (test experts, usually native engineers, verify that there is no impaired application functionality so that performance is reliable for the localized OS and local hardware configurations), and Localization UI testing (identifies cosmetic defects in localized software: missed translations, embedded text in images, truncated strings, formatting errors, etc.). Through SQA we apply proactive, meticulous, rigorous, repeatable methods to the testing of software, in this way assuring that defects are recognized and eliminated before the application is launched.

E-learning & localization of educational materials:

Babel Linguistics is assisting educational publishers and government agencies reach their globalization objectives. Our country, like many others, is growing increasingly multicultural, and various institutions face the challenge of making education services available to immigrant populations. Thus, educational materials require solutions to create curricula that are culturally appropriate. Such institutions must be able to deliver this language-specific content quickly and cost-effectively. For them, having an experienced global partner with solid education and expertise makes all the difference.


Sari Solden
read moreBabel Linguistics combines the highest level of professionalism and expertise with flexibility and personal responsiveness. They are truly committed to making your requests their top priority and they approach their work with each client as a dedicated partner. They stepped in at a difficult point in my book project and saved the day!
Bob Lutz
read moreI have met many translators in four decades of marketing and communications, but rarely did I feel so at ease during a press conference.
Tom Rieke
read moreBabel Linguistics is the best translation company that Q LTD has worked with in its 30-year history, and we have worked with many throughout North America. Their intelligence, creativity, and professionalism are exceptional. I recommend Babel Linguistics to everyone who needs excellent language services.
Jeanne Spencer
read moreIdea Engineering has been very impressed with the translation and Spanish copywriting assistance weve received from Babel Linguistics. The team has an excellent understanding of audience and purpose rather than just literal translation. And we also really appreciate the process, including great communication and fast turnaround when needed.

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About Us
read moreBabel Linguistics is about producing strategic content with Words that Work. Our global translation and localization business is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with team members in Santa Barbara, California. For 20 years Babel has delivered expert linguistic solutions to companies large and small, government entities, publishers, authors, and top universities in multiple languages and industries. Founded as a Michigan corporation by a crew of educated scholars and business strategists to respond to an increasing client roster in need of foreign publishing, e-learning, and software localization.
read moreThe Babel team has consistently been translating software since before it would be called apps. Apps keep growing increasingly popular. We've been localizing apps for a decade now; that's more than a lifetime in internet years. Our top localization projects from California have allowed us to learn the most recent innovations and to work with Apple's third-party vendors for localizing their apps. In a nutshell, our work is verifying that products, applications, and content meet the language and the local specific requirements of global markets.
read moreBabel Linguistics is a global strategy provider in four basic areas: translation, localization, interpreting, and linguistic services, including DTP and multimedia development in a target's market language, culture and regulatory expectations. The company's service portfolio includes the language services needed to localize and test software, video games, medical devices, and websites including localization of user interfaces, online help, technical/marketing materials, and more. Our team's focus is on client's success.
read moreOur team has extensive experience in both consecutive and simultaneous modes of interpreting in depositions, mediation, patient assessments, press meetings, videos, employee training, and various summits, conventions, and private conferences, including abroad. Babel Linguistics also provides on-call service for onsite, video, and phone interpreting during holidays, emergencies, or after hours. Consecutive interpretation (CI): Speaker stops usually at the end of every "paragraph" or a complete idea, and Interpreter proceeds to translate into target language.
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