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Pest Control Services in Houston, TX Texas is prone to mosquito infestations and chances are youve tried unsuccessfully to get rid of mosquitoes in the past. The problem? These so called solutions are either not effective, dont last long, overuse pesticides, or are just too expensive. As a result, many Texas residents avoid their backyard during mosquito season which, for Texas, can be as long as ten months! Without an effective mosquito system, your kids cant play outside without being bitten by mosquitoes, you cant enjoy outdoor parties, and the nice pool you have is not getting as much use as it could. Barefoot Mosquito offers the mosquito control solution you're been searching for to effectively get rid of mosquitoes. To learn more, please visit Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control online or call 713-554-9430 today!
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Mosquito Control
read moreBarefoot Mosquito & Pest Control is proud to be the top rated mosquito control service in the Houston, Texas area. With a 99% natural mosquito solution, Barefoot aims to reduce pesticide usage and minimize negative environmental impact. By comparison, other mosquito control systems are less effective, tend to rely exclusively on pesticides, and provide little to no long term mosquito repellency. Barefoot Mosquito was created to be the most effective and responsible mosquito control alternative for Texans who want to get rid of mosquitoes while limiting their exposure to pesticides. For effective, affordable mosquito control service, contact Barefoot today at 713-554-9430
Fleas, Ticks, & Chiggers
read moreYour home is supposed to be the place where you can relax and enjoy your free time. When fleas and ticks invade your home, however, it no longer feels so safe and relaxing. These parasites can transmit Encephalitis, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis, and Babesiosis. Some of these diseases are treatable, while others can be debilitating or even deadly.

And if your dog or other pet contracts one of these diseases, he or she will likely remain a carrier. Contrary to popular belief, not all flea and tick medications are enough to protect your pet. Your home needs a strong defense against fleas and ticks. The best flea control and tick prevention is made possible by adding a key ingredient to our mosquito control service that stops fleas and ticks from establishing themselves on your property. And fortunately, this service is surprisingly inexpensive.
Pest Control
read moreBarefoot Mosquito & Pest Control offers professional, effective pest control services to the greater Houston, Texas area. Barefoot provides general pest control treatments for a variety of common pests found in the Houston area including roaches, ants, spiders, flies, rats, mice, rodents, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, scorpions, crickets, silverfish, earwigs, moths, centipedes, and beetles. Barefoot also offers specialized services for mosquito control, flea and tick control, termite control, and bed bug control.


Susan Nicholson
read moreMy husband and I were looking for a pest control company that used a treatment safe for our puppy. We have been seeing Barefoot signs all over the city and decided to check them out. They are quick to respond and schedule consultation and treatments. Everyone we have interacted with at Barefoot has been professional, polite, and easy to do business with. The service was prompt, they have excellent communication with each other and customers. The technician takes time to explain everything that goes into a treatment and how it is safe for pets and humans. The treatments have been very successful at managing our mosquitoes. You do have to continue to retreat for misquotes but we are able to enjoy being out in our yard with our puppy during the summer months now. We will continue to use Barefoot and can recommend them to you!
Sarah Rivers Deal
read moreThey responded quickly and come out to provide a quote. Wanted an environmentally reasonable choice. The salesman was knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions. We've had no mosquito bites for weeks now. Quite happy and spend more time outside by the pool.
Matt Benevich
read moreBarefoot Mosquito service is the first mosquito service we've used here it Austin. We looked for a program that was safe for pets, and Barefoot Mosquito seemed to be it. Their service is easy to schedule and provided by pleasant professionals. Our results were great. I didn't realize how bad our mosquitoes were in the backyard until we used the service. Our backyard is now useable and a favorite family spot. We are very happy we found this company!
Sarah Crawford
read moreThis is the second season I have used Barefoot Mosquito and I have been very pleased! Previous to their service I really could not be outside to enjoy my yard and home during the long mosquito season. Now I can enjoy outdoor activities without the worry of being eaten by mosquitos.

Also, I have a free roaming tortoise in my backyard and they are always very good about telling me when they are coming for the service so that I can make sure he is safe. And they come when they say they are coming! Equally as important.

They are HIGHLY recommended. Makes Texas summers much more bearable!
Cam Russe
read moreLast year, my wife and I moved to Austin. We bought a house late in the summer and didn't get any mosquito treatments. We spent most of August through October avoiding our yard. Not fun. So when I saw a mosquito in our yard a few weeks ago, I started looking into mosquito treatments. I explored low cost options and expense "100% guarantee" provides and everything in between. I noticed many companies advertising options that were "natural" or "low-environmental impact" chemicals. So I looked into how much of an environmental impact these mosquito treatments actually cause. As it turns out, spraying a bunch of deadly chemicals all around your yard and house isn't good for people, pets, etc. Duh, right? So I was about to just forget it, until I came across a recommendation for these guys. I called them and found out that all their "chemicals" are actually food-grade and natural. Out of all the companies I called, they were the only ones who offered to come to my house to do a free survey/evaluation on whether or not their treatment would be effective. The surveyor asked questions like, "Where have you seen the most mosquitos?" and "Where do you and your family spend the most time?" Then took the time to go over a specific treatment plan for my property. When the technician arrived the next week, he verified all the information and asked if I had any additional questions. Although the peak mosquito time hasn't yet arrived, I haven't seen even one since they have been here. I actually contracted them for full service yearly pest control inside our home as well. It's comforting to know our family, pets and property are safe from chemicals, and it's well worth the slight cost increase over other companies for the quality of their service and ingredients. Highly recommend!!
Nancee Lottmann
read moreI've just started using Barefoot Mosquito Control and am very pleased with the process so far. The technician was friendly and answered all the questions I had. The treatment was quick and as of now I've not seen any mosquitoes. Looking forward to a pest free summer.
Bailey Moran
read moreWe've used Barefoot Mosquito for the past few months and we've been super happy with their service and the results! The guys who come are always very nice and we have had zero problems with mosquitos since we started using them. Our property has a creek running along the side by our deck that has always been infested with mosquitos, but after the 2nd treatment I haven't had a single bite. We're surrounded by woods so we have all kinds of creepy crawlies that get inside so we asked them to do a pest treatment inside as well and we have only had a few bugs here and there since. Really happy with Barefoot and I recommend them to everyone!
Drew Haid
read moreI've using Barefoot for a about a year now and their product is incredible. Once a month we have the same service technician come out who is super polite and courteous and does a great job at explaining the products and how they work. We use them for mosquito control as we back up to a pipeline which often has sitting water and were overridden with mosquitoes. Since we have used them I can honestly say we've lived mosquito free in our yard which is great when you have a dog and 18 month old who run around out there! I would highly recommend their service to anyone!!
Tommy Butcher
read moreWe moved into our house August of last year. We immediately noticed a HUGE mosquito issue in our backyard. It was so bad that they would land on us and bite us even while we were swimming in our pool. It was so bad that we couldn't enjoy our backyard, which was a big part of why we purchased the house. This year I decided to try Barefoot Mosquito after reading some reviews that sounded similar to my situation. The first treatment was like night and day. We were able to enjoy our backyard. Does it remove every mosquito, no, nothing can, but it cut it down by about 90% - 95%. We now just get the occasional mosquito. It takes a couple months to build up to that point. I'll also give credit because after one treatment there were still mosquitoes and they did a touch-up treatment which cleared them our until our next treatment. IMO this is well worth the monthly investment if you have a mosquito issue, and want to spend time in your yard.
Leila-Scott Price
read moreBarefoot Mosquito and their technicians do a fabulous job. They are thorough and very responsive to me when I call with questions. It's a wonderful company and I feel good about the product because it is not harmful to people or pets or wildlife :)
Greg B.
read moreBarefoot mosquito has been absolutely amazing from the start. We love the fact that we can enjoy our new yard without being eaten alive. I recommend them to anyone and everyone. Maybe I can get my neighbors to spray and we will have a mosquito free neighborhood. Here is to wishful thinking.
Arnold Newman
read moreThis company provides great service on pest control and especially on mosquito control. Their pricing is fair and better than the competition. I would highly recommend their service to anyone.


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Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control
read moreRid your home and yard of dangerous and annoying pests with our effective, long-lasting pest control solutions! Our naturally superior pest solutions will protect your home and yard from dangerous and annoying pests. Get started today by calling us or requesting a free quote online!
Top Commercial Pest Control Services
read moreBarefoot Mosquito & Pest Control's staff are experts in helping to create the perfect bug free environment for your outdoor event. Texas is home to many of the most desirable outdoor locations to host weddings, retreats, graduation parties and corporate events. Besides bad weather, biting insects like mosquitoes, chiggers, ants, and even flies can quickly ruin an event. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about the weather, but the good news is we can control the insects for your event before it starts giving you the peace of mind to plan your party without the unwanted guests.
Top Pest Control Company in Austin
read moreWe are committed to delivering the most effective pest prevention in and around your home and minimizing the hazards of exposure that can be associated with traditional pest control. We believe homeowners should not have to put their health or the environment in jeopardy to achieve pest free living. Barefoot's pest control service covers more pests under our general pest control plan than any other competitor. Here are some of the most common home and yard pests we guarantee to keep away from your home.
The Highest Rated Mosquito Control
read moreBarefoot proudly features the only 99% natural solution that reduces mosquitoes by up to 95% guaranteed! Developed right here in Texas, our proprietary blend of ingredients controls mosquitoes more effectively than any other method, and we accomplish the highest rated service by using the most gentle approach available. Our solution will reduce the amount of mosquitoes with each application. Each treatment will kill a significant portion of the mosquitoes residing on the property. Our proprietary blend of natural plant oils proven to repel mosquitoes adds an additional barrier against mosquitoes that no other mosquito control company provides.
The Most Effective Termite Treatments
read moreTermites have long been the leading cause of home damage in Texas for decades. Termites live deep underground and emerge to the surface to consumer wood. Termites are drawn to manufactured wood like fences, decks, sheds and most importantly, the wood frame of your home. The best way to protect your most valuable possession is through proactive prevention. Barefoot offers two different ways to protect your home against these invaders while minimizing our eco footprint. We accomplish complete termite protection in the following 2 ways.
Bed Bug Treatment Austin & Houston
read moreBarefoot employs the most effective eradication of bed bugs anywhere! Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to eliminate because their eggs can remain dormant for up to 1 year. Eggs can be deposited inside wall voids and other cracks and crevices making complete eradication a challenge for both homeowners and pest control companies. Barefoot's bed bug control is guaranteed to eliminate the problematic areas. Unlike many of our competitors, we use a variety of control methods to ensure that every life cycle of the bed bug including those eggs deposited throughout the house are completely eliminated such as the following.
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