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Fireplace Company in Albany, NY
Fireplace Company in Albany, NY The revival of wood burning in the 1970's was similar to today. Rising home heating cost stimulated the need for lower cost home heating solutions. The 1st oil embargo in 1973 sent home heating cost soaring. Many people turned to wood as an alternative heatsource. By 1977 in response to the growing demand for wood stoves, entrepreneurs began importing stoves U. S. Manufacturers began designing new stoves.

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Best Fire
read moreSpecializing in the sale, installation, and servicing of fire-burning hearth appliances, Best Fire Hearth & Patio will gladly handle any and all of your fireplace, stove, and fireplace insert needs. Best Fire also offers a large selection of custom-made and casual outdoor furniture, as well as outdoor fire solutions, and we offer the ability to turn your outdoor patio into a beautiful living space for you, your family, and your guests. Our premium selection of hearth, fire, and patio products includes custom patio umbrellas, gas and charcoal grills, outdoor kitchen islands, pergolas, outdoor fireplaces, and much more.
About Us
read moreWith a wide range of products and services for all of your home-heating needs and improvements, Best Fire will make sure your home gets the warmth and comfort it deserves. But that's not all. Best Fire also has an extensive selection of patio furniture and accessories, including shades, grills, and outdoor fireplaces that will bring any outdoor area to life even better than you envisioned. Our mission at Best Fire Hearth & Patio is to treat our clients and employees in a manner which leads to excellence throughout the organization.
Fireplace Service & Repair
read moreHaving a problem with a hearth product like a fireplace, heating stove, or fireplace insert? Let Best Fire Hearth & Patio fix your problem, the right way, the first time. We can handle all of your hearth and patio installation and service needs. Best Fire maintains a full staff of NFI-certified hearth specialists on both the Sales/Design and Installation/Service sides of your project. With over 30 years of experience in the local hearth industry, Best Fire's services are top-quality and dependable.
Weber Premium Gas BBQ Grills
read morePurchasing a Weber grill from Best Fire, a locally owned business, gives you a personalized experience that fulfills your needs. Including assembly and delivery from an expert who knows how to handle a Weber grill. Our team is committed to providing superior care and service, something that's hard to come by at the big box stores. It's time to get rid of the cheaply made grill that doesn't provide the grilling experience you deserve. Enjoy delicious, well-cooked food with a Weber grill. Weber grills are MADE IN USA and built to perform year after tear with a 10-year warranty.
Hearth Solutions Information
read moreBefore you buy, educating yourself on the products and services available in the marketplace will ensure the success of your project. This section starts that education process so that you're more prepared and better aware of what your options are. And most importantly, so that your expectations will be met. Most commonly thought of as fire-burning appliances for your home that add ambiance, act as a supplemental heat source, or a combination of the two; however, Hearth Products may also include items that are designed to enhance or complement an existing Hearth Appliance.
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