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Garage Company in Richmond, TX Looking for a company to repair your garage door that keeps making that squeaky sound? No need to settle for simple repairs, that wont do. Leave it to the experts. Big Star Garage Door Repair is at your service. Known as one of the best garage door service providers in all of Richmond, we offer nothing but quality garage door services to our loyal and future customers. No matter what problems or damages, Big Star is the best choice to seek technical garage door repair Richmond TX services from. As part of the Richmond community, we consider what we do a social responsibility for the people here. A responsibility to assist people with their garage door dilemmas and all in all, improve their home security. We started small and made use of simple tools during our early days in this business. Now, we work with the latest technical tools to improve the quality and speed of our services.

Big Star garage door services are divided into three: installation, repairs, and replacement. We cater to all sorts of requests like panel replacement, powder-coating, troubleshooting automatic openers, and so much more. No matter how technical your garage door problem is, we can handle it. Our team of professionals have undergone years of studying and training to provide the best results. Most people are passive with the significance of a well-maintained garage door. It is a mistake to ignore the small signs that your garage door isnt functioning well.
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read moreGarage door repairs are very technical since there are so many parts fitted in one garage door. The most common parts in need of repair are the rollers, springs, panels, and openers. Big Star offers the best repair and troubleshooting services for both commercial and recreational garage doors. The company operates 24/7 to accommodate emergency repair service requests.
read moreAll garage door parts are going to be outdated and are required to be replaced by new parts: rusty rollers, loose springs, brittle panels, and broken openers. Most garage doors malfunction because of one damaged part, not as a whole. Make sure to seek advice from professionals before deciding to have a new garage door installed. That would be unfortunate, when the problem originated from the top roller bracket.
read moreThis service demands more resources and more time. Here in Big Star, your reliable garage door service provider, installation starts with an ocular inspection. There are three types of garage doors according to panel installation: single panel, sectional, and over the head. Then there are four types of doors according to the opening cycle: swing out, swing up, side to side, or roll up. An ocular inspection allows the technical team to measure the dimension of your garage and pitch the best idea for your garage door type. After that, the clients can decide which other security features they want to install. Homeowners can upgrade their garage door by installing an automatic opener with safety eyes. An automatic opener is connected to the opener track of the garage and controlled by a remote.


Erica Cha
read moreI was really sick and tired of trying to make repairs on my garage door. I do my best but it always ends up a mess. Thank God, I found Garage Doors Solutions of Richmond. They came out here pretty quick and got to working, straightening out those bits of twisted metal. They were able to fit the frame as pretty as can be. It made me think that I should save up a bit and get myself a new garage door from them. I run a small business, so I really need to be happy that my small truck is safe in my garage. Now I can be. They set up a new locking system. No way can you get through that.
Dawn Thomas
read moreI suppose you start worrying more, as you age. My house was fine, but not my garage door. It was not just my old car. But I keep all those precious bits and pieces that mean so much to me inside it. I had a friend tell me about Garage Doors Solutions of Richmond, and the very good job they did for her. So I had a bit of money I had put aside, and asked them to fix me a new garage door. They came round very quickly. All their technicians were polite and very professional. The door was up and running in no time. Very easy to operate, even for an old lady like me. It was so secure! No more worries about break-ins.
Thomas Davis
read moreI have a very busy life working 24/7 as a salesman. I have a good Ford, my wife has a small Honda while my teenage son has a classic old VW Beetle. Plus my two young daughters love riding their bikes. So the double garage door were going up and down all the time. The old garage door has started to give up the ghost. It was jamming up and starting to work loose. Luckily for me, a friend knew about Garage Doors Solutions of Richmond. In no time, they came round and set up a new, smooth running garage door. They will always be there for maintenance. But I dont see that as being a problem as this door is of very good quality.

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read moreOur company possesses all the necessary permits from the state government to be in business. We have also received great feedback from previous customers about how effective our services are. We don't engage too much in advertisements and promotion projects. We leave that to our regular customers who recommend us to their families and friends outside of Richmond. It has been rewarding to provide services to the residents of Richmond and other cities as well. As a warning, beware of tricksters who present themselves as big garage door companies.
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read moreKnowing the different parts of your garage door can keep you on top of maintenance, replacement, or repairs for your garage doors. It can also spell out the difference between getting what you really need, which can make you a happy camper, versus becoming very frustrated with your garage door. Here in Garage Doors Richmond always makes sure you are a happy camper. Garage doors are made up of door panels, locks, lock bars, brackets, tracks, hinges, rollers, pulleys, springs, and others. A panel is the garage door part that is seen outside.
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