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Recording Studio in Tacoma, WA Wayne has been an audio engineer for over ten years now. He received his training through an apprenticeship with Triad Studios in Redmond, Washington. In this time he has done both engineering and producing of projects for artists ranging from garage band weekend warriors to seasoned pros. Wayne built his studio to aid artists create and capture their musical endeavors in a warm and friendly recording environment. His huge knowledge in music both as an engineer and as a musician gives him unique insight into his customers requirements.

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3825 52nd Avenue Northeast
Tacoma, WA
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Blissman Studios
read moreWe are a 48-track digital facility providing audio recording services in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area. We specialize in working with creative people who want great sounding recordings at an affordable price!
read moreWayne has loads of knowledge and tons of enthusiasm. His "ear" and attention to detail helped make my project shine. What more could one want in a studio environment? Myself and the other members of 'Hook Me Up' found Blissman Studios to be a great place to record tracks. Wayne was a joy to work with. His facility is set up great, he has state of the art gear, but what we found most enjoyable was Wayne himself. Wayne knows his stuff! He has the great ears, musical savvy, technical know-how and is wonderful to work with.
read moreBlissman Studios was contacted late last year about recording a large scale production of John Legend's, "If You're Out There", which was used for a video that preceeded a lecture given by world peace activist Desmond Tutu at the Tacoma Dome on May 13th, 2011. The video features performances from The Tacoma Youth Symphony, The PLUtonics, The Tacoma Youth Chorus, The Wings of Grace Gospel Choir, The Chief Leschi Drum Group, and a bunch of young, talented soloists! Check it out! Here's a great video of Jacquie Brown singing The Temptations, "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone" on ABC TV for the 2011 Miss America Pageant.
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read moreFor a limited time only, Blissman Studios is offering a "Three Song Demo" for just $450! This includes a 10-hour (one day) block of studio time which includes mix down. When we're done, you will walk out of the studio with a CD and mp3's of your music! Share it with family and friends, promote yourself for live shows and enhance your website! We can record you, and even build a band around your music. Looking to record a full length CD? We can do that too!
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read morePro Tools is still the industry standard for digital recording. In addition to Pro Tools, we also have hundreds of plugins such as Waves, and virtual instruments like Abbey Roads and Garritan Personal Orchestra to enhance your project. From classic Shure SM 57's andNeumann TLM 103'sto exotic Shinybox ribbon mics, we have the right microphone for your project! Recent additions include Sennheiser 421's and a Neumann U87! Both solid state and tube mic pres are utilized during recording and mix down to help your recording come alive!
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