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Pest Control Services in Killeen, TX The cost of controlling termites and repairing their damage is currently estimated at $2-3 billion annually in the US, which is more than fire and windstorm damage costs combined. Subterranean termites often enter our homes around pipe penetrations, through cracks in the slab, or by creating shelter tubes on the foundation. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you will make. Be sure you're protected from one of nature's largest home wreckers, subterranean termites.

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BMI Pest Management
read moreOur Clients Love us and you will too! BMI Pest Management cares and our Friendly and Trustworthy experts are ready to handle all of your pest problems. We provide both Commercial and Residential services and are ready to protect your Home and Business. Our Pest Control services include: inspection, treatment, removal, and control of Termites, Bed Bugs, Bees, Ants, Biting and Stinging Insects, Spiders, Roaches, Mosquitoes, Wild Life and other Unwanted Pests. Our Professional Technicians have the latest training to identify, treat, eradicate, exterminate, and protect your home and business.
Rodent Exclusion
read moreCommensal rodents and a number of other small mammals frequently take up residence in attics and wall voids of your home. They can sometimes cause serious damage if left unmanaged. It is a common misconception that rodents feeding on bait placed in attics "get thirsty" and leave the home in search of water. Typically the rodents die in the attic or wall voids, leading to secondary problems such as foul odor and large flies associated with the decaying body. Baits only temporarily manage the problem, they do nothing to solve it.
Pest Management
read moreCentral Texas is home to many unwanted pests that invade homes and businesses. Some of these pests are mere annoyances but many pose safety risks. A handful of venomous arthropods including: centipedes, scorpions, bees, wasps, fire ants, fleas, ticks, and the infamous black widow and brown recluse spiders love to call our geographic region their home. If you do not know what kind of pest infestation or problem you have we have entomologist on staff to assist in proper pest identification. BMI Pest Management has a host of professional products available, the technical knowledge and professional expertise necessary to solve your pest problems, however, the best solution is prevention.
Bee Removal
read moreBees are important insects for pollination, however, sometimes they build nests in unwanted places around homes or worse in or on structures such as homes, buildings, or businesses. Bee's pose a stinging risk which is very dangerous to anyone who is allergic and their honeycomb and honey can cause damage to walls and structures if they melt. Improper exclusion also poses a risk of more bees returning if not properly handled. BMI Pest Management will solve your bee problem by performing a no kill hive exclusion then safely relocating the bees and their colony to a proper location away from people where they can continue to perform their important pollination tasks without posing a risk to others.
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