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Credit & Debt Services in Fargo, ND World-Class Customer Service. Our client service is tailored to make credit card processing easier, more convenient, and more productive for you. With knowledgeable client service representatives available via telephone 24 hours per day, seven days per week, you will always be capable to get the answers you need, when you need them. Feel free to read the testimonials written by several of our customers and you'll get an idea of the standard of service we supply to each of our customers.

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BNG Holdings
read moreBeing able to process transactions is part of running a business, but more times than not, merchants are overpaying for the essential services they need to operate. We understand how processing can be expensive and eat into your margins, but it doesn't have to be. BNG Payments works with an extensive network of processors and has the freedom to offer unique payment solutions that fit an individual company's needs. Even though we work with large processors, you'll receive in-house world-class customer support.
read moreNo offshore outsourcing, BNG Payments is here for you. Our team is based exclusively in Fargo, North Dakota, to provide the best support to our customers. Onboarding is quick and simple with our easy application process, and our team continues to support your business. Supporting your business requires investment in our support team. BNG Payments Support is trained on the latest technology in the payment processing industry and security. They work hard to make sure your business stays secure and can process payments quickly, issue free.
Credit Card Processing
read moreFrom serving a wide array of industries, competitive rates, leading technology, and world-class customer service, your business will find a processing solution that works for you. Enjoy affordable credit and debit card processing solutions. With competitive rates and no contracts, we offer you the best processing value. No matter your industry or risk category, BNG makes it easy to take credit and debit cards. We work with a large network of processing companies to find the right solution for every type of business.
Payment Processing
read moreBNG Payments is a directly registered ISO/MSP and able to offer competitive rates and fees to our merchants. No matter your business size or industry type, we can help you find the perfect payment processing solution. Our team is 100% local to the U.S and skilled in helping businesses across all industries. We provide processing for all types of merchants, such as retail, restaurants, hotels, service companies, wireless merchants, mail order, phone order, wholesale, e-commerce, and specialty businesses.
Mail Order Telephone Order
read moreLooking for a way to process credit card payments without the physical card being present? BNG Payments provides a variety of mail order/telephone order (MOTO) and e-commerce processing solutions at affordable prices, whether you manually enter card information or use a shopping cart. Finding a processor who specializes in card-not-present transactions is hard. With decades of experience and partnerships with multiple top-tier processors, BNG is able to offer the most robust solutions to you. Easily process payments over the phone while protecting your business and without overpaying on credit and debit card fees.
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