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Law Firm in Chicago, IL When you have been involved in an accident, one of the first things you have to deal with is the responsible partys insurance company. Its important to remember that insurance companies are businesses. They are looking after their own interests, not yours. Bogie works with insurance companies to coordinate benefits and ensure your rights are protected. He understands that regardless of the bold stakes at hand, every case is significant to the client, and he provides the same standard of passionate and effective care to each and every matter brought to Bogie.

Recovering compensation for your damages can sometimes be a lengthy process. During this time, it is not uncommon for bills to mount and creditors to start calling. Attorney Bogie Martinovich understands all of the challenges his clients face during these hardships. He works with you to keep creditors away and preserve your financial stability.
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Automobile Accidents
read moreIllinois car accident lawyer Bogdan Martinovich has been practicing personal injury law in Illinois for over 35 years. He is experienced in handling all types of car accidents and is dedicated to achieving the best possible result for his clients. Mr. Martinovich will advise you on what to do if you are in an auto accident and invest many hours of time preparing your case for trial. Without the threat of a well-prepared personal injury lawyer, insurance companies will not take your claim seriously.
Workers’ Compensation
read moreIf you are injured at work, you are eligible to file a claim against your employers insurer for medical bills, disability benefits and certain other benefits. In Illinois, workers compensation benefits are defined by the Illinois Workers Compensation Act.
Nursing Home Negligence & Abuse
read moreNursing homes are meant to be places where elderly and disabled people can go for skilled care and compassion. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents fall victim to abuse and negligence at the hands of their would-be caregivers. Due to physical and/or mental disabilities, nursing home residents are often vulnerable to mistreatment and are unable to protect or defend themselves. Family members must be on the lookout for signs of nursing home negligence or abuse and ready to take action when necessary.
Premises Liability
read morePremises liability is a broad area of personal injury law that defines the responsibility of those in possession of land or property for injuries suffered by persons on the premises. This practice area covers a wide variety of personal injury cases, including:

Slip and fall accidents
Dog bites
Toxic torts (i.e. asbestos exposure)
Negligent security
Unmarked hazards
Stairway accidents
Elevator accidents
Falling merchandise
Porch and balcony defects
Swimming pool accidents
Medical Malpractice
read moreIf you or a family member has been injured as the result of the negligence or carelessness of a health care provider, Bogdan Martinovich can help you file a medical malpractice case.


Tony Isabelli
read moreBogdan Martinovich is a personable, superb lawyer who works well with his clients. He is upfront, honest, and does an excellent job explaining the intricate details of your particular case. He was able to award me a fair settlement for an injury that occurred in a traffic accident.

He is one of the best attorneys out there, and I highly recommend him.
Keith Unekis
read moreBogie is the best! he explains everything, is always available and fights for you!

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read moreAttorney Bogdan Martinovich has over 30 years of experience practicing personal injury law. Located in Libertyville, IL, he handles cases in Lake County, Cook County and McHenry County. He is dedicated to providing clients with personalized service that reaches beyond their legal needs. With a long history of proven results, Lake County, Illinois personal Injury attorney Bogdan Martinovich has won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for his clients. If you have been injured in any of these types of accidents contact Attorney Bogdan Martinovich to discuss your case.
Illinois Dog Bite Lawyer
read moreAnimal attacks and dog bite injuries can be painful and cause long-term damage, even death. The physical and psychological injuries often require costly medical treatment. Often times it is young children, between ages of five and nine, who are the victims of these attacks. In Illinois, dogs and other animals are considered property under the law. Consequently, animal owners are responsible if their animal attacks or bites another person. These cases fall under premises liability law. If you have been bitten by a dog or attacked by any animal, you may have a personal injury case against the owner.
Illinois Slip and Fall Accident
read moreSlip and fall accidents are probably the most common type of premises liability case. If you have been injured because a property owner let a dangerous condition exist on his premises, you may have a claim against him/her. Slip and fall accidents can be caused by soapy water on the floor, food spills in the supermarket, foreign objects obstructing a walking path, or stairs that weren't maintained properly, among others. These cases involve injuries sustained by falling on someone else's property.
Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawyer
read moreUnder the law, medical practitioners have a responsibility to act according to the governing standard of care when providing treatment to patients. Failure to do so that results in injury to the patient can be cause for a medical malpractice claim. A medical malpractice claim may be brought against any responsible health-care provider responsible for providing medical care to the patient including hospitals, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, nursing homes and clinics. These claims are extremely difficult to win, even with a valid claim.
Illinois Wrongful Death Lawyer
read moreWhen a personal injury case involves a death, it is considered a wrongful death case. In wrongful death claims, the family of the deceased or a personal representative of the estate is the plaintiff in the lawsuit. A wrongful death claim in Illinois may be filed for both negligent acts and intentional acts. Attorney Bogdan Martinovich is highly experienced working with all types of wrongful death claims. He is committed to not only winning maximum compensation for his clients but also to helping his clients get through a very difficult time in their lives.
Libertyville Personal Injury Attorney
read moreAttorney Bogdan Martinovich, also known as Bogie, handles cases in Lake County, Cook County and McHenry County. Located in Libertyville, 25 miles north of Chicago, he has been in practice for over 30 years and has a record of proven results. He has tried personal injury cases against the federal government in federal court and won. He has successfully represented clients in a wide variety of cases. Growing up in several of the Chicago's vibrant neighborhoods, Bogie saw the legal studies as the most direct avenue to claim control over one's life.
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