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Graphic Designer in Cleveland, OH Boom Creative is an exceptional marketing and graphic design company situated just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. We're professional graphic designers who focus on building brand identity, developing marketing materials, and web page design. Our mission is to capture your firm or organization's mission, vision and identity, and express them in ways that resonate with your clientele.

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Boom Creative
read moreFor over 25 years The Motor City Comic Con has been entertaining fans of all ages. Recently the MCC they came to Boom Creative looking for a fresh perspective on how to brand the. Our Cleveland Heights High School mascot logo is larger than life, literally. The logo is now the centerpiece of the new all weather turf field that was officially unveiled in. Local artist Rob Crombie came to us not only looking for a more visual web presence, but one that was mobile friendly and easy to manage. What we delivered is an incredibly visual.
About Us
read moreWe are firm believers that good employees are hard to find and that there is always room for motivated, dedicated, and talented designers. We thrive on mutual respect, humor and friendship that allows us to collaborate successfully with each other and with a diverse clientele. We encourage and expect leadership of each other to create balanced and extraordinary solutions. We are always on the lookout for people with the talent and positive personality that is essential to success in the creative world.
Corporate Identity
read moreA sound, strategic corporate identity is often one of the most overlooked assets of a business. Why? Because most companies typically place only aesthetic value their corporate identity. Your identity system is a critical part of your brand strategy. A recent study by a leading brand research firm found that 41% of American's don't trust companies whose logo they didn't like. The data was clear: consumers thought badly designed logos make brands look cheap. Trust builds loyalty and helps you command the price points you desire.
read moreSuccessful design begins with powerful marketing tools. From brochures and presentation systems to websites and direct mail, your marketing materials are a living extension of your company or product. Boom Creative develops corporate identity, print collateral, and websites that connect with your audience while leveraging and strengthening your brand.
Print Design
read moreWhen we talk to clients, they are amazed at the caliber and quantity of our traditional graphic design projects. They have no idea that the realm of print design is alive - and actually thriving. The news seems to show that the demise of printed material has passed the point of no return. Prominent magazines like Spin and Newsweek are moving to digital only versions. Other magazines and newspapers around the world have simply ceased operations. Mega publishers like Penguin and Random House are merging in an attempt to stay alive.
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