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Plastic Surgery in Quincy, MA With a background in Art, Dr. Der Sarkissian has a keen aesthetic eye for beauty. He applies this aesthetic sense to all patients whether planning a complex nose reconstruction or delivering a natural, more youthful contour to an personal's neckline. Knowledge of facial proportions and aesthetics assists Dr. Der Sarkissian to identify facial components that may be out of harmony and address them accordingly. Combining an artistic sense with sound surgical technique, yields natural and aesthetically pleasing results.

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read moreDr. D I just want to express my sincerest appreciation for the "more than" fantastic job you did on my face. When I realize what it was before and how it came out, to me it was absolutely incredible. You have an amazing talent and kindness that helps so many people. Thank you for everything. Dr D. Thank you for doing such a great job-it all has been truly appreciated. You not only made me very happy but my husband will be looking down and smiling too! Also thank you for your kindness during this awful year-it all holds a special place in my heart.
read moreDroopy eyelids can make you look tired or older than you feel. Blepharoplasty can correct the droopiness and also remove puffiness and bags under the eyes. As the eyes are the focus of the face, this procedure can dramatically restore a youthful, "bright eyed" appearance. Upper eyelid surgery is aimed at removal of excess skin and fat. The resultant incision is nicely hidden in the upper eyelid crease and within a few days is nearly invisible. Lower eyelid surgery can be performed from inside the lower eyelid if the heaviness of the lids is primarily due to excess fat, or through an incision that is hidden just under the lower lashes if excess skin and fat need to be addressed.
Skin Rejuvenation
read moreGlycolic acid is a non toxic Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from sugar cane. Application to the skin wick "lift away" the aging surface skin cells and allow younger, less sun damaged cells to come to the surface and "freshen" the skin. Glycolic acid is present in many skin care products at concentration levels of 3-5%. The peels applied under the direction of a physician range from 20-70%, with the appropriate concentration chosen based on your particular skin type and degree of skin damage. After cleansing the skin, the solution is applied and left on for 3-6 minutes during which time the skin will "tingle".
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