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Home Improvement Company in Kansas City, KS Bradford Homes Co. Has received a 5-Star rating from an independent rating service because our experienced and courteous craftsmen deliver consistent expertise and professionalism. You can join countless others who trust our work. We're fully licensed and bonded with remodeling excellence evident from floor to ceiling. Remodeling requires additional skills beyond those of most new home builders, and you can trust BHC to know what they are doing in your home. BHC experts know how to take a home apart and put it back together safely.

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read moreWe value our people, perhaps in part because Bradford Homes™ Remodeling is a locally owned family business. Our Midwestern values assure that our customers are not seen just as accounts but as people with whom we seek to build a friendly and mutually respectful relationship. Since BHC's founding in 1984, we have understood the importance of building lasting customer relationships. One part of that commitment is to employ craftsmen who share our values, deliver a product of the highest quality possible, and enjoy the work and the people with whom they associate.
Bradford Homes Remodeling
read moreNARI is the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. After application to NARI for membership, NARI leadership comes to multiple job sites to inspect the workmanship of the applicant. Additionally, a NARI endorsement means that member companies have the highest dedication to professionalism and integrity in the home improvement industry. Only the best are allowed certification by this organization. High quality workmanship is expected and you can be assured that a NARI company will meet the top standards in this profession.
Bradford Homes Remodeling
read moreWe take pride in our reputation for honesty, integrity, and quality work because it has been earned over a quarter century. But we also know that a company's reputation has to be renewed in every project we do. We price competitively, do what we say we will do, and will communicate immediately and clearly if unanticipated adjustments are required. This gallery of photos is illustrative of that commitment. They represent the range of services we provide and the quality of work by which we are known throughout the city.
Bradford Homes Remodeling
read moreWe guarantee the highest quality because we use only the most skillful craftsmen, and we work tirelessly as a team to assure that our workers understand the vision that has been developed between the homeowner and Bradford Homes™ Remodeling. At BHC we follow an established process that assures clear and specific analysis of the project's scope and cost. In the first meeting we will get acquainted, develop a clear vision of the project, and assemble a broad overview of budget and design parameters.
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