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Tree Service in Jefferson, MA Any local tree contractor should be able to tailor their services to meet your needs and budget while still providing the best tree services. Branch Manager Tree Service LLC offers only the highest quality professional tree removal services in Worcester County.

While searching for tree services in Worcester, two important aspects to ask during your investigation into local tree service companies are: time and attention.

How much time is each tree service company willing to give to you?

Do they come out and offer free estimates?

Does the owner make a point to be involved in every job that is taken on?

Does the tree service removal company pay attention to your needs?

Do they listen to your cares and concerns?

Do they take into consideration and explain how the job is to be approached in a safe and methodical manner?

All of these aspects and more are standard practice with Branch Manager Tree Service LLC thereby ensuring your safety, the safety of your property, and most important of all, the safety of the crew and people standing by.
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Tree Removal
read moreWhats the criteria for a hazardous tree? A tree that is potentially threatening to people or property caused by multiple reasons, such as: poor quality tree care or improper tree maintenance, victim of storm damage, decay or rot, disease from pests or insects such as the ALB or Asian Longhorned Beetle.

The odds are greater that a hazardous tree is more likely to fall and cause property damage then a healthy tree. Trees tend to become hazardous threats when the tree maintenance has been ignored which allows for branches and limbs to become overgrown, disease from rot or pests sets in killing the tree from the inside out.

A tree risk assessment, is the only way to identify a hazardous tree and assess the proper way to go about removal. Dead trees, rotted or rotten trees are often the most likely candidates for tree removal. Any reputable tree company can determine by a simple tree structure evaluation which trees pose the greatest potential risks to people and property. Healthy trees can easily fall victim to decay and disease. Even the strongest of tree species when gone unattended can be overcome by vermin. Proper tree care or pruning, tree shaping or thinning is essential in the longevity of a trees life.
read more​There are a variety of reasons why a tree needs to be pruned. Perhaps you have some branches that are leaning over your home that need be removed. Removing deadwood from a tree is very important since these dead limbs can come crashing down at any moment posing a risk to people and property. Maybe you have a tree that has become a host for a pesky pest that has been feasting on your particular tree. Termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees to name a few are just some of the pests that can take up residence in a tree ultimately destroying the tree all together if not properly maintained.

Our trained staff can properly assess a trees health and point out which limbs are necessary to be removed. Hiring a professional ensures your trees health is maintained not only throughout the process but when properly pruned will have increased health and a better life expectancy.
Tree Stump Removal
read more​Though not an exact science, tackling a tree stump and removing it yourself is often one of those projects that looks easier than it is. Tree stump removal can take a minimum of an entire day to a whole weekend when you dont have the proper equipment to handle the job. We come in with our heavy-duty stump grinding machine and within a matter of minutes can make short work of that unsightly protrusion coming out of your yard.


Trevor Eddy
read moreQuality tree trimming at an affordable price. I'm so pleased with the fast and reliable service these guys provide. One of my rental properties in MA was in dire need of tree trimming and I had put it off way too long. Branch Manager Tree Service came down, gave me a free estimate and handled the job like true professionals. Highly recommend!!
Daniel Spyralatos
read moreWith no doubt, the greatest tree service company in Jefferson! We had this stubborn old tree in our backyard and decided we needed to do something with it. Thank you so much for your good work and politeness too!
Denise Cummings
read moreDave and his crew do excellent work, I highly recommend having Branch Manager handle all of your tree service needs! They perform tree removal jobs in a safe and methodical manner being ever so cautious of their surroundings whether it is people or property. They operate in a highly efficient and productive manner, finishing the tree service job in no time.
Brad Dassow
read moreTheir work is impeccable, prompt, and very reasonably priced. Also, they clean up so well, it's like they were never there. I highly recommend!

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Branch Manager Tree Service LLC
read moreUnpredictable New England weather can cause havoc on property trees resulting in downed limbs, whole uprooted or toppled trees. Handling storm damage clean up in your yard can be a menacing site. This is when you need to call a dependable tree service, Branch Manager Tree Service LLC will handle all your Storm Damage Clean Up needs swiftly and completely. We offer exclusive tree removal services, learn more by visiting our Tree Removal Services Page. Call us today, we are fully licensed and insured and the most reliable tree service company for emergency tree work in the Central MA area.
About Us
read moreOur residential tree services are for anyone looking to have a tree structure evaluation performed by one of our qualified tree removal professionals. We are well versed with the multiple native tree species in the North East along with the most popular ornamental trees that require extra care and attention to detail. We have also worked on multiple historical trees that have endured several harsh winter and summer storms over the years. However, with regular upkeep of our tree trimming, thinning and shaping services a tree can withstand to be around for many generations.
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