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Computer Services in Chula Vista, CA
Computer Services in Chula Vista, CA Bristow Solutions provides the highest quality computer services in Chula Vista. Whether it's your home computer slowing down, or 20 computers at your business needing monthly servicing. I can provide most services remotely anywhere in the world!! Your computer doesn't need to leave home for me to service in most cases.

* Home and Small Business

* Full Computer Tune-Up

* Virus removal

* Hard Drive Data recovery and deletion
(In the greater San Diego area)

* Network Support

* Website Design

* Custom Excel spreadsheets

* Custom Database Programs

* Hardware repairs & Upgrades
(In the greater San Diego area)
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  • Serving residential and commercial clients
  • Licensed

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Chula Vista, CA
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Debbie P.
Allen, TX
read moreBristow Solutions is absolutely wonderful. Mike fixed my computer here in Dallas, Texas while he was in California!! I helped him log onto my computer before bed. When I woke up the next morning it was all fixed! No unplugging everything and hauling it to a repair shop! It was amazing! He has also fixed my daughters laptop. I was so impressed with Bristow Solutions that I bought my parents in Virgina a coupon to have their computer looked at and cleaned out. Again they live in Virginia and Bristow solutions was able to do repairs from the other side of the country!! I recommend Bristow Solutions to anyone and everyone!! So easy, convenient and fairly priced!!
Lynn B.
Valentine, NE
read moreMike worked wonders on my computer. When it came out of storage after three years he updated everything cleaned it up and made it work great. After a week or two he checked in and did a few more tweeks. Thanks Mike it works great.
Andrea K.
Chula Vista, CA
read moreAfter several years of using a local store front computer business with unhappy results we decide to try out Bristow Solutions. Mike was great on the phone and fast service. He even helped my daughters get their laptops online with the wireless over the phone, after he installed his software, backed everything up, and can now see into my computer to solve our problems. What a great solution. Our computer is working better than ever.... I give him 5 stars..... hugs.
Amanda C.
Chula Vista, CA
read moreMike is honest and GREAT at what he does. I wouldn't trust my personal PC, laptops with anyone else. He has fixed our desktop and helped us with 2 laptops! I have all 400 pictures back now from my desktop , pictures from 2002!! and 4 of the people now in our family have sadly passed away so those pictures are even more priceless , cannot thank him enough. I recommend Mike to everyone I know.
Brook P.
Chula Vista, CA
read moreMike does a great job, honest guy, will tell you the truth about your computer. We had a very old desktop that was having major problems (shutting down,etc.) and we thought we were going to have to replace it. Mike tuned it up, cleaned it up, and it literally works like a new machine. If he fixed this dinosaur, he can fix your computer! :)
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