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Car Wash Services in Tacoma, WA Brown Bear Car Wash started in Ballard, one of Seattle's most colorful neighborhoods. In 1957, Victor Odermat opened the 1st Brown Bear Car Wash on 15th Avenue West, and that location is still in operation today. People discovered that Brown Bear would make sure your car was spotless. They liked the professional, friendly attitude of our employees. Brown Bear Car Wash is dedicated to protecting water and marine life. Our equipment and techniques allow us to remove toxic substances from the water we use. All of our wastewater is treated.

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3002 South 38th St
Tacoma, WA
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Brown Bear
read moreOver 50 Auto Dealerships and Service Centers trust Brown Bear to provide wash services for their customers. These companies recommend maintaining the finish of your car with Brown Bear Car Wash. So when you wash at a Brown Bear Car Wash, you can wash with confidence knowing that your vehicle is being cleaned with state of the art equipment that is maintained to the highest standards in the industry. Wash with confidence. Wash with safety. Wash with Brown Bear. During the more than 50 years we have served the Pacific Northwest's motoring public, Brown Bear Car Wash has done more than wash millions of cars.
About Us
read moreAs a reminder, all Unlimited Club Memberships have been put on hold and are not currently being charged. Remaining time on billing cycles as of March 25 has been preserved and will be applied to memberships once we are allowed to re-open our wash facilities. For additional questions you can email us at We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to the resumption of operations in the near future. Gas stations attached to Hungry Bear Markets are now open 6AM-9PM Monday-Friday, and 8AM-9PM Saturday-Sunday.
Touchless Car Washes
read moreBrown Bear Car Wash Touchless car wash locations offer a cleaning option to accommodate customers that can't wash in a conveyorized tunnel, such as vehicles with ladders or bike racks, or for customers who would prefer to only wash with water and cleaning solutions that touch their vehicle. By combining state of the art technology and our cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for Northwest driving conditions, our Touchless Car Washes provide customers with a cleaning option to care for nearly any type of vehicle.
Tunnel Car Washes
read moreLooking for an automatic car wash? Brown Bear Car Wash Tunnel Car Wash locations offer superior drive through express exterior cleaning that protects your car and preserves its value. We only use gentle, environmentally friendly cleaning detergents that are specially formulated for Northwest driving conditions. In fact, we use the same methods as prescribed in the owner's manuals of leading manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Lexus and others. Like our Self Serve Car Washes and Touchless Car Washes, our Tunnel Car Washes are consistently maintained by our own fleet of trained service technicians to ensure the highest quality car wash and customer experience.
Brown Bear Car Wash
read moreBrown Bear Car Wash protects your car and preserves its value. With over 40 locations, we've got convenient options for keeping your car shiny no matter where you are or what your wash preference. We offer many services, but we are known for our washes! Whether you like to sit back and relax or you prefer to get your hands dirty, we've got a wash for you. Check out our wash types below to learn more. Aside from keeping your car clean, we like to make driving easier with other necessities and services available at many of our locations.
Fleet Wash
read moreIf the Fleet Program is not a good fit for your organization, please consider Ticket Books in our Online Store.
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