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Interior Designer in Petaluma, CA
Interior Designer in Petaluma, CA BDS finds the right specialists needed to ensure quality and relevance of
Design. BDS develops the Team at the front end of
your Design project! We ensure the integration of all interactive aspects that fall under BDS's management

Doing business with BDS means clean and documented
Procedures, continuity of Communication, comprehensive design Problem
Solving, and strict respect for our Clients' Budgeting

BDS presents its network to the market place through exciting
and innovative events! We proudly showcase our BDS installations, and we
Validate the essentiality and vitality of our trusted Vendors and
Manufacturers' Representatives through our Annual
Vendors' Huzzah celebration!

We invite
our Clients, Prospects, long-standing Design Accounts, Community Leaders, Local
government representatives, and Industry Contractors into our facility
for relaxed, inter-aspect BDS After 5 socializing. We get-to-know and
we nurture our market!
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  • Serving residential and commercial clients
  • Year established: 1983
Professional Associations & Certifications
  • California Certified Interior Designer #0736
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405 East D St., Ste. 105
Petaluma, CA
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Business Design Services
read moreRobert A. Boccabella is a Certified Interior Designer and is the owner and founder of Business Design Services. Business Design Services' interior design sets the gems in your architectural framework. But while we definitely take care of people's business design needs, we also are thrilled to have our clients take us home with them. Take a look at some of the home designs we've helped make beautiful. Perhaps we can come home with you?!
Designing to Fit the Vision is
read moreYes, of course function, site, finances, and other basics are of prime importance! But that image you have in mind takes shape in one's imagination and projections, and you definitely see it in living color! The pragmatic disciplines of knowing how color interacts with other colors, light and textures is in the hands of your Interior design expert team. However, you, the client, know the theme color category you have in mind. The color category you communicate to your Interior design team starts a consideration chain reaction concerning all the other relevant elements that will be serious players in accurately delivering your Interior design project.
Designing to Fit the Vision is
read moreFirst, let's look the dragon in the face. Regardless of our financial means, there never seems to be enough money. It can help reduce stress around funding if we consider "budget" a verb, and keep that budgeting in mind every step and decision of the way. Remember that some of the elements that can negatively impact the budgeting process are "hurry-up, " untested short cuts, bargains that aren't a bargain in the long run, and the wrong kind of help - no matter how well meaning it is. So, take a deep breath and decide that your adventure will be great.
Designing to Fit the Vision is
read moreProfessional Interior Design is a professional service that an expert drives and a client navigates. The success or shortfall depends almost entirely on communication! The "where to begin" and the "arrival at desired outcome" depend heavily on one component - client - imprinting another component - Interior designer or team - with the desired vision. Easy? Well, not always! In "transformative" Interior design, the challenge antes-up considerably, and the journey is quite different when compared with Interior design that springs from existing patterns and tastes, refreshment Interior design that maintains and corrects, or remodeling Interior design that grows an environment with upgrades but preserves the known and obvious preferences.
Designing to Fit the Vision is
read moreWe all know that prevention and preparation is the better route, but we also know that the temptation is there to opt for trends, fads and other versions of the popular style of the moment! Unfortunately, those impulses may be fun and exciting at first, but often they up the risks concerning durability, good and doable maintenance and repeated costs. In order to indulge both concerns - getting an exciting look and feel for our Interior environments and taking the "oops!" factor into consideration, it is very important that you and your Interior Design team thoroughly and realistically investigate your Interior environments' end use.
Designing to Fit the Vision is
read moreMany projects present added complexity when the client requests that "secondary" or special use environments be designed into their primary use vision. With the clear trend to focus more and more activities on one primary site, the opportunity arises for creative design challenges. One of the simplest is the dedication of part of the residence to business activities: the home office. With the advancements of more efficient electronic capability, many individuals telecommute for a company as employees of a business located elsewhere.
Designing to Fit the Vision is
read moreIn the face of imminent crisis, with a Pandemic raging through communities, it's difficult to hope; it is difficult to try to see over the tragedies and into a more manageable future. But, we all know that is just what we must do: look to the future, while managing a difficult present. I do what I can, myself, to keep that reality in mind, and press on. Those of us in business must improvise, innovate and press on. Many small businesses are holding on and weathering this situation as best they can.
Robert Boccabella
read moreRobert A. Boccabella, Principal & Certified Interior Designer, utilizes his Bachelor of Fine Arts education in Interior Design from Ohio University, and 30 years of versatile industry experience as a Sole Proprietor -- to bring his Clients the professionality they seek, expect, and deserve. Mr. B. has a long-held philosophy that the finished installation must incorporate the Client's vision! A love for the personal connection -- the enjoyment of a finished project space that wraps itself around the intention -- speaks to the enthusiasm with which Robert A. Boccabella infuses each and every job.
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