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Recording Studio in San Diego, CA We supply studio recording, artist and song development, and audio engineering services to artists, musicians, and others in need of professional quality recording or sound design. We combine classic techniques, cutting edge audio technology, experienced engineers, and musical knowledge to provide the finest sound possible. There has yet to be a musician who didn't leave our recording studio with a smile. The Soft Pack (formerly The Muslims) recorded a live performance for 94/9's Pyles Sessions before heading out for a European Tour and an appearance on Letterman.

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927 East Street
San Diego, CA
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read moreEach project is unique. There are many things we need to know in order to give you a fair and accurate price for recording studio projects. That is one of the reasons that we prefer that you call. Are there two or fifty people in the band? How may songs are you hoping to record? Do you need session musicians? Things like deadlines, availability, existing recordings, and numerous other things go into the overall cost. Sometimes we don't know the true cost until we know what's involved in the project.
Capricorn Studios in San Diego
read moreWhether you are looking to record a full length album, 3 song demo, on location recording, or a 30 second commerical spot, we can help you. Capricorn Studios provides professional recording, editing, mixing and mastering services at competitive rates. Our work includes full-length albums, songwriting and record production, narration for radio & TV commercials, industrial/corporate videos, documentaries & feature films, DVD audio commentaries, web and flash audio. Get your album recorded & produced by receptive, cutting edge engineers and producers.
Mastering Studio in San Diego
read moreTake your music from start to finish in one place. Capricorn Studios is proud to offer an in-house dedicated mastering studio. Capricorn Mastering is San Diego's premier mastering studio offering high-end audio mastering services, preparation of final mixes for cd replication, ISRC encoding, noise reduction, audio restoration and more. We combine cutting edge audio technology, specialized mastering equipment, classic techniques, experienced mastering engineers, and real world musical knowledge to produce the best sound possible.
Studio Policies at Capricorn Studios
read moreThank you for booking your session at Capricorn Studios. Please review our policies and procedures. Deposit: We require a deposit to hold most sessions. Larger deposits will be required to reserve multiple days. Cancellation Policy: You may cancel or reschedule your single day session up to 72 hours before start time. Single Day sessions cancelled after the 72 hour deadline will result in loss of deposit. Cancellations of multiple blocked days require 7 days advance notice. In the event an engineer has to cancel a session we will notify you immediately to reschedule the session.
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