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Tiling & Flooring Company in Kenosha, WI Family owned & operated for over three decades, Carpets Plus Outlet - the home of red carpet service - has Racine and Kenosha's biggest in-stock range of quality flooring. Whether it's carpet, vinyl, laminates, wood floors, tile flooring or area rugs, Carpets Plus Outlet has what you're searching for and can supply you with free estimates, professional installation, customized financing options and one-on-one service. With two designers on team, Carpets Plus Outlet is capable to provide you with a free designer service too.

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1241 22nd Avenue
Kenosha, WI
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Carpets Plus Outlet
read moreWe are here and ready to assist you with your flooring and window treatment needs. Give us a call (262) 883-9494 and we will come to you. Family owned and operated for over 20 years, Carpets Plus Outlet, the home of red carpet service, has Racine and Kenosha's largest in-stock selection of quality flooring. Owners Neil and Penny Fuhr have over 40 years of experience in the flooring business. We have served southeastern Wisconsin and the surrounding area with pride since first opening our store in the 1990s.
Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Kenosha
read moreLuxury vinyl has become the ideal choice for hard surfaces. Since it has an image printed on it, you can choose virtually any pattern and color combination! These resilient floors are perfect for residential and commercial areas! Multiple layers: Luxury vinyl is made up of many layers of materials to make it near indestructible! The PVC or cork backing helps it sit on any hard surface with ease, and the composite core of multiple plastics makes the floor waterproof! Even the toughest spills can't stand up to LVP! Since the vinyl is a printed image, you can choose from a large variety of wood and tile looks that would be impossible to find anywhere else! Luxury Vinyl also has a wear layer on the top that varies in size to help the floor look brand new for years.
Hardwood Flooring in Kenosha
read moreYet, our passion for hardwood has more to do with seeing the expression of joy on your face when you see your new wood floor installed and complete. These floors can transform a room but we want to transform your life. We at Carpets Plus Outlet want to be your hardwood retailer. More importantly, we also want to be the store that you recommend to your friends, family, and neighbors. That means we aim to be as helpful as possible as we discuss what kinds of hardwood flooring is best for you. Oak, ash, and maple have been classic woods for flooring for generations and they are still a very reliable option from which to choose.
Tile Flooring in Kenosha
read moreCeramic tile is a very popular choice for today's homeowners. Its durability and ease of maintenance is perfect for any family on the go. There are five elements to consider when purchasing your ideal ceramic tile floor: size, shape, color, texture and pattern. Darker colors will give the appearance of a cozy space, while lighter colors can open up an entire room. Ceramic tile comes in a wide variety of patterns and shapes. From rectangular to hexagonal with separate corner inserts, you can create any look that you desire.
Carpet in Kenosha
read moreWe love this product. Yet, the reason that we love it might surprise you. It is not because of the way it looks or feels underfoot; we love it because of the satisfaction brought to you as you sink your toes in its plushy softness. One of the things we say a lot around Carpets Plus Outlet is that you should get to know your carpet dealer. It's our business to know all of the ins and outs of this flooring and the installation and it is our passion to help you understand what you most need to know.
Vinyl Flooring in Kenosha
read moreIf the area where your new floor will be installed is in a high traffic area, be sure to tell your sales representative to point you in the direction of a more durable, heavier vinyl. By choosing a better quality vinyl, your chances will also increase of finding a floor with scuff mark resistance and a warranty that will cover furniture indentations.
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