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Relocation Services in Chicago, IL When your organization requirements to transition from here to there, The Carter Group is ready to guide you through the process. Our proven knowledge and expertise as a corporate relocation management, corporate asset management and hospital transition planning firm enables us to speedily adapt to your specific requirements and demands. What you see as a challenging, costly, time-consuming process, we see as an opportunity to do what we do finest. The result is a highly customized solution that assures successful results. Enlisting the services of The Carter Group transforms the cost of assistance from an expense to an investment in your organization's productivity and overall value.

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read moreWhether you're reimagining your company or just opening a new location, one thing is clear: your organization won't be the same after a move. Your assets will change. Your employees will change. And your culture will change. Since 1990, Steve Carter and his team have provided move management, transition management and strategic cultural renewal to organizations across the United States. Every client is different, but the goal is always the same: a better organization. You decided to move because you had a particular outcome in mind for your organization's performance or productivity.
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read moreHow will you feel on the first day after your move? At Carter, that's the question that drives everything we do. We approach the relocation of every enterprise as first and foremost a transition of employees and of critical business. Transitions involve more than just physical relocation - they're more complex, and more human. If you relocate from A to B but lose the hearts of your employees or your clients along the way, you won't reap the value from your move that made you choose it in the first place.
Healthcare Transition Management
read moreIf you're moving a patient care facility, you know this all too well: you've got to be ready to deliver great care on day one. No mistakes, no unavailable equipment, and no lags in the quality of your care. When you're moving ICU patients, a successful transition is a matter of life and death. How's that for pressure? But it doesn't have to be that way. Carter leverages our team's expertise to give your healthcare organization the smooth transition it requires. We might even give you peace of mind you didn't think was possible.
Higher Education Move Management
read moreWhether you're opening a new building or relocating an entire campus, you'll have sensitive records to handle and privacy regulations to meet. You may have government procurement standards to follow as well, and it's possible you've got unusual or unique equipment to relocate. And it's all got to happen on a schedule that fits with and around the rhythms of your academic year. Since 1990, Steve Carter and his team have provided move management, transition management and strategic cultural renewal to institutes of higher education across the United States.
read moreWhether you're looking to recapture the fired-up culture of your company's startup days or simply consolidating resources for a more efficient central office, your leadership has a purpose for this relocation. Productivity should increase. Performance should improve. Your move is an investment in your future. Many people have low expectations regarding a corporate relocation, expecting more of a negative experience than a positive one. But relocating can be the best thing that ever happened to your organization.
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