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Air Conditioning Company in Everett, WA All of our services come with our one year parts and labor guarantee.

24/7 Service and Repair
We provide service and repair for all brands of furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps and hot water for both residential and commercial. We are professionally trained to work on your heating and cooling equipment. We will provide you with personal service at an honest price to meet your needs. Our phones are answered day and night by service technicians who have the knowledge to answer you questions.

Free Energy Consultations

We will come to your home or business and provide a complete consultation for free. We will help you decide what fits you best for your needs and budget.

Residential Installations
We provide quality energy efficient solutions to you heating and cooling needs. We will install the correct brand and equipment to solve your heating and cooling needs. We install gas furnaces, electric furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, hot water tanks, tankless hot water, ductless air conditioning, ductless heat pumps, ductwork and gas lines.

Commercial Installations

We provide the expertise for your project. We provide quality installation of ductwork, rooftop units, gas lines and low voltage controls needed for your project.

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free furnace with ac install
Expires on Aug 31, 2011
read moreRecieve a free 80% single stage furnace with the purchase and installation of an ac or heat pump


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About Us
read moreOur Fischer story may have started in 1996, but the Fischer Plumbing story actually began 19 years before then. The original Fischer Plumbing was founded in 1977 and enjoyed a solid local reputation for drain and sewer cleaning for years. Although I didn't have any experience in the industry (my background and education are in business), my equity partner Bruce Robertson did. A plumber by trade, he brought the hands-on experience that we needed to purchase and make a go of this already successful company.
Air Conditioning Service
read moreDuring peak season, summer temperatures in Seattle can go as high as 104 F, which means that your home can be as hot as an oven if you do not have air conditioning. High temperatures in Seattle are normally expected, reaching around 80 F for 25-30 days annually. If you have poor insulation in your home, indoor temperatures will be higher. Tracking the temperature trend over the years, you can expect warmer days in the greater Seattle area. If you do not want to suffer from the heat, it's about time you have your air conditioning repaired or replaced before the heat of summer catches you unprepared.
Gas Furnace Service
read moreWinter weather in Seattle is cold and wet and at times like this. Seattle residents rely on their heating system to feel comfortable wherever they are in their homes. It is more than annoying to waking up to a cold house because the gas furnace is broken when you expect your furnace is working efficiently. Beyond feeling uncomfortable when the weather is frosty, a broken furnace can be risky for your home. There is the possibility of water pipes bursting, mold build-up and several other problems, which need immediate attention from an expert gas furnace service in Seattle.
HVAC Air Handlers
read moreAn air handler is a part of an HVAC system. If you are new to this, HVAC means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The system boosts the air quality and energy efficiency inside your house. An HVAC air handler is quite different from an air conditioner, and this article will cover the key differences and different types of Air Handlers. Most HVAC systems have a split system, meaning they have an indoor as well as an outdoor unit. The air handler is the indoor unit. It takes care of operating the cooling and heating components of the HVAC system.
Heat Pump Repair by Fischer Heating
read moreThere are three main advantages over conventional central heating systems: 1 Heat pumps easy and economical to install and maintain. 2 They are able to both heat and cool your home. 3 Heat pumps are energy efficient and use comparatively less fuel to operate. There are many ways to heat and cool your home, with their own advantages and disadvantages. For an energy-efficient way to provide both heating and cooling, heat pumps can be a good alternative to the more complex central heating and air conditioning systems.
read moreDon't let hot or cold weather catch you with a system that is not working. With just one call you can make sure your house will be cool in the summer or toasty warm in the winter when your family needs it. We can provide you with extra services if you need them in addition to your heating and air conditioning work, including plumbing, general contracting, electrical, restoration, and sewer.
What is the best type of Air Conditioning
read moreIs the warm weather turning your home into an oven? Make this the year you get ahead of the heat. In Seattle, we can expect 25-30 days per year where the temperatures will hit 80 degrees. And even when outdoor temperatures are still in the mid 70's, poorly insulated homes can heat up to 80 degrees! That's when you really want some proper HVAC Seattle service! We also have long dry hot streaks and record temperatures of 104, with trends indicating that we can look forward to greater temperatures and more days of warming in the Greater Seattle region, making air conditioning in Seattle almost essential.
Furnace Service Bellevue & Repair
read moreSuffering through winter in Bellevue, WA without a working heating system can be a rather harrowing experience for everyone. This is one factor to motivate you to finally get that faulty furnace in working order before the first big chill of the next winter season arrives. Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning have been helping families to receive the highest quality heating services available for almost 30 years. We guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients by providing the most individualized heating and furnace service possible when and where you need them.
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