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As often happens in life, an unexpected event changes the course of one's path. I was a university student majoring in chemistry, when the summer before my senior year I was in a major trauma. I sustained fractures of the hip, pelvis, ribs, elbow and vertebrae and a collapsed lung and spent two months in the hospital. My 1st experience with physical therapy came as a result of this drastic and overwhelming change to my expected life path. The kind, skillful care and supportive guidance of the physical therapists got me through the difficulty of learning to walk again the embarrassment of having to stand in the back of the classroom because it was too painful to sit and the challenge of redefining my body and myself.

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Center For Physical Health
read moreThe therapists at the Center for Physical Health are dedicated to partnering with you on your journey to wellness, guiding and supporting you every step of the way. They are committed to helping people recover from pain and injury to restore maximum function and help people live life to the fullest. I can always count on the Center for Physical Health to help even the most refractory pain. The combination of traditional physical therapy as well as Feldenkrais is extremely effective, and my patients respond very well.
About Us
read moreFinding physical therapy that provides real healing is not easy. Even harder to find is treatment that both works and is delivered in a private, relaxing setting by people who really care about your health. We offer something that is a rarity these days: more quality one-on-one time during every visit. It's the kind of attentive care we believe our patients deserve. The Center for Physical Health was founded in 1992 by a diverse yet like-minded team of health practitioners who shared a pioneering vision; to create a place for healing, health and fitness that would treat the whole person - not merely their symptoms.
Physical Therapy Programs
read moreAt The Center for Physical Health, we offer personal care for most musculoskeletal and medical conditions. Our physical therapy services are designed to quickly reduce pain and restore your function. Manual therapy involves specialized hands-on techniques that target areas of your body that are limited in motion and works to improve your movement and reduce your pain. Our expert physical therapists have years of specialized training to provide gentle, specific, hands-on therapies to address muscle and joint injuries.
Shoulder Pain
read moreThe shoulder is the most complicated joint in the body and has to move through an incredible range of motion while maintaining strength and support. The shoulder actually has four joints that connect your humerus, collarbone and shoulder blade to function as one unit. Shoulder pain can occur for a variety of reasons, but is typically from poor posture, weakness of rotator cuff muscles or injury. Since the shoulder motions are so complex, it takes experts in movement analysis to truly understand what is the root cause of your problem.
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