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Law Firm in Burbank, CA After fifteen years of solving legal problems, often devoting years of time working for customers with only a hope of some compensation at the end, and too frequently, securing a favorable outcome for the customer who then refuses to pay, I still awaken each day with enthusiasm, a love of the law, and a respect for the American justice system, sufficient to do it all over again. Call me crazy, but count your blessings when you need an advocate. That is commitment!

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Cervik Andrew B Law Offices
read moreA Burbank Lawyer focusing in Real Estate Litigation, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Escrows, Leases, Partnerships, Contractor and Builder Disputes, Wills and Trusts, Marital Property Disputes, Contracts, Partnership and Corporate Disputes, Contract and Lease Reviews, General Civil Litigation, Family Law, Real Estate, general Business Litigation, and Workers' Compensation. The Law Office of Andrew B. Cervik. If you are looking for a prestigious firm with lots of names on the door, where attorneys spend most of their time turning reams of paper into billable hours, this is not the firm for you.
Law Office of Andrew B
read moreHow you deal with your client and opposing counsel sets the tone, and is often a crucial factor in the overall outcome of the case. Most people who have the misfortune of being a party to a lawsuit initially look for an advocate who is aggressive and willing to do whatever it takes to WIN! Few litigants consider that, in some cases, "winning" means "settling" the case before it comes to trial. Settlement at the proper stage of the case reduces the ultimate cost of the litigation, but also means that no one walks away with everything they want.
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