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Music Lessons in Fontana, CA I began my music education in the 2nd grade with piano lessons and then in sixth grade I began playing flute. After years of lessons, classes and summer camps I decided that I wanted to major in music. So, I went to SMU in Dallas and became a music major. After four years there I moved to Los Angeles and got my Masters in Flute Performance from USC. I have taught just about everything - private flute, group flute, private piano, group piano, music theory, recorder, music history, public school and now I homeschool my own kids.

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Yorba Linda Lane
Fontana, CA
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Childlight Music
read moreEvery human being deserves the opportunity to express themselves through music. But, unfortunately, the vast majority of people who take piano lessons find the process slow and frustrating, eventually giving up altogether. As a result, learning piano has become shrouded in a multitude of myths: "learning piano is hard", "you have to start when you're young", "it takes a long time" or "you have to have a special talent" etc. At Childlight Music, piano is taught exclusively with the Simply Music piano method, a remarkable, Australian-developed piano and keyboard program that offers a breakthrough in music education.
read moreThe Simply Music program is 'playing-based'. We use students' existing visual, aural and physical skills, combine these with their natural sense of music, and subsequently achieve unprecedented results. The bottom line is that Simply Music students get to experience the absolute joy and satisfaction that comes from immediately acquiring a huge repertoire of great-sounding music. Unlike learning by rote, this program is tactile, experiential and multi-sensory, with students being physically, visually and aurally absorbed.
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