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Fireplace Company in Waukegan, IL Chimney King has been the leading manufacturer of custom chimney shrouds since 1992. Backed by UL listings and a ten year guarantee, our pretty chimney caps are created to last a lifetime. We fabricate over 89 unique designs, and we can create your custom designs come alive as well. UL listed & labeled, custom chimney caps - we call ours Chimney Crowns and they're fit for a King. Your home is your castle, it deserves The Crowning Touch.

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57 Noll Street
Waukegan, IL
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About Us
read moreChimney King is the leading manufacturer of architecturally inspired, custom sized, UL Listed & UL labeled chimney shrouds in the USA. Started in 1992 by Scandinavian homebuilder Derek Lidstrom, Chimney King has grown from 3 styles in 4 colors, to over 100styles in 64 colors and 13 different metal finish options thanks to the ideas and needs of our customers. It is our goal to make a chimney cap to suit every imaginable style of architecture in a high quality, complementary finish. Whether you need a copper chimney cap for your log cabin lake home in Idaho, a black chimney cap to match the roof and shutters on your colonial saltbox home in Maine, or a stucco finish chimney pot to accent a mission style home in Arizona - we can custom craft something extraordinary just for you.
Chimney King Mission Statement
read moreThe Purpose of Chimney King is to provide an outlet for high quality, architecturally inspired, safe to use, listed and labeled, custom-sized & custom finished, extraordinarily beautiful Chimney Caps that meet the standards of the International Building Codes. Further, we are diligently committed to providing the deepest reservoir of information possible for our customers to draw upon when faced with design challenges that are beyond comprehension.
Chimney King Fireplace Retailer
read moreChimney King was founded in 1992 with the goal of bringing listed, custom chimney caps to fireplace retailers. We make high quality, UL Listed and labeled, custom chimney shrouds that are UL and Intertek approved for use with specific factory built chimney systems. We can also build shrouds to specifications you provide. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, we offer a very nice discount program if you purchase a Chimney King display for your showroom. Our displays are very attractive, don't take up much room, and should help you sell a larger percentage of jobs with custom chimney caps.
Chimney King Chimney Sweep Information
read moreChimney King now makes over 89 styles of custom chimney caps / shrouds / crowns. We have been serving the needs of Chimney Sweeps since 1992. Our selection of custom caps, chase pans, false chimneys, bay window roofs and Sonoran Fireplaces - real brick fireplaces that use metal chimney - make us a very handy company for the industrious 'Sweep' to have around. Perhaps you have seen our ads in SNEWS or SWEEPING or Hearth and Home magazines. Or maybe you visited us at the National Chimney Sweep Guild Convention in Winston Salem this February.
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