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Lighting Company in Rochester, MN Cir-Kit Concepts is a tiny, family-owned business situated in Rochester, Minnesota. Our home town is noted for the world famous Mayo Clinic and IBM's expansive computer facility. Cir-Kit Concepts is flattered to be a close neighbor to these medical and industrial leaders. In the days prior to Cir-Kit Concepts' existence, wiring a dollhouse was a demanding and technically challenging endeavor. It required not only a knowledge of electricity but knowledge in the use of woodworking tools as well.

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32 Woodlake Drive Southeast
Rochester, MN
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Why Light a Dollhouse
read moreObserve our dollhouse as it changes from unlighted to lighted and see the wonderful difference in its appearance.
read moreIf you'd like us to install adapters/plugs on your ordered light fixtures, we offer this service for $12.00 per item. 1. Add light fixtures to your shopping cart. 2. Add adapters to your shopping cart (if not included with light fixture). 3. Add quantity of Installation Fee Per Item to your shopping cart. Note: Some part numbers contain 2 light fixtures, so add 2 per item. 4. Create a list of the light fixtures you would like an adapter/plug installed. 5. Add this list to the "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order" section during checkout.
Bulk Products
read moreCir-Kit Concepts offers many of our popular products at reduced prices if purchased in bulk. These products are sold 100 per package without headers and will save you up to 15% off of the individual packaged price. To differentiate bulk product numbers from packaged item numbers a suffix of "(B)" is added to the bulk product number.
Cir-Kit Concepts Color Catalog
read moreThe Cir-Kit Concepts 27-page electrical catalog contains every accessory you'll need to electrify your dollhouse. Items range from our Electrical Kits, transformers and tape wiring to "to scale" outlets, plugs and switches.
History of Lighting
read moreThe following concise history may not be of interest to all; however, its content has been carefully researched and chosen to give an insight into the fascinating historic story of lighting. The few extra minutes of time spent will hopefully increase your appreciation of lighting down through the centuries. For the first 3,000 years of recorded civilization, the ancient lighting of China, Persia, and Mesopotamia changed little. Aside from the torch, the earliest known means of artificial lighting was a wrought iron cresset or fire basket in which pine knots and other resinous hard woods were burned.
How to Get Started
read moreThe easiest way is to buy a wiring kit that includes everything you'll need to wire a dollhouse. Cir-Kit Concepts carries five such tape wiring kits, each geared to a specific size dollhouse. The instruction book included with these wiring kits is one of the most comprehensive ever written about tape wiring. It covers everything from initial planning to installation and checking out the entire system in an easy to follow, step-by-step procedure. A tape wiring video is also available showing all the steps involved in the wiring of a full-size dollhouse.
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