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Engineer in Kenosha, WI Infrastructure designed and engineered around your community Infrastructure gives structure to life. It is the roads, bridges, and systems that transport energy, water, and telecommunications that pave the path of daily living. At Clark Dietz, we never forget how vital infrastructure is to people. And we never forget the importance of the people who rely on this infrastructure. That is what sets us apart - we are an engineering company that balances the requirements of people with the potential of the infrastructure.

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5017 Grn Bay Road # 126
Kenosha, WI
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Clark Dietz
read moreWe are all facing many challenges going forward as the pandemic situation continues to evolve. Like you, we are working to keep our employees, clients, and partners as safe as we can while continuing to provide service to our clients. To that end, our employees will not go to our offices unless their presence is required for an essential client or internal business need. Through technology, we are able to stay connected and to continue to support your organization. Clark Dietz provides Midwest-based civil engineering services to enhance quality of life through the built environment.
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read moreWhether your project involves building or updating facilities, municipal works, power and energy, transportation and roadways, or water, Clark Dietz has the professionals you need to create lasting, sustainable, and smart design and implementation. We bring the same flexibility, commitment, and attention to detail to everything we do. You can trust us to deliver on what we promise - every project, every time.
read moreThe transportation engineers of Clark Dietz balance daily community needs with economic and environmental concerns, designing sustainable, population-sensitive infrastructure capable of meeting both current and future demand. In addition, our partnerships with local, county, and state governments allow us to facilitate moving from infrastructure improvement contemplation and planning stages to beginning work. Handling every aspect of the engineering for each project, we plan and design roadways as well as observe construction, all while minimizing disruption to both people and the environment.
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