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Dry Cleaners in Boston, MA At Clevergreen Cleaners, our passion is fashion, fabrics and the environment, knowing that the clothes we care for are worn by people, our valued customers. We're dedicated to educating ourselves and ongoingly improving the essence of Quality garment care. Clevergreen Cleaners can be counted on for being at the cutting edge of innovations both in technology and methodology as well as for setting the standards for our industry in integrity, quality and service. Our dedicated assocciates continuously aim to gain and teach consumers, cleaners and manufacturers in the practical applications of garment care.

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read moreDon't let Moths and Insects feast on your wool and silk garments. We specialize in Garment Storage as we clean, repair and store your precious garments and have them ready, fresh and inviting for you when you need them. We also recommend that you "Clean & Glaze" and "Cold Store" your Furs. Even though going green is a rapidly growing trend, you'll find that the majority of Boston Dry Cleaners are still using Perc which is a toxin and a likely human carcinogen. At Clevergreen, we use a cleaning process that is a complete paradigm shift in cleaning technology.
Dry Cleaning for Movie Sets
read moreBeing committed to our environment as strongly as we are, and thanks to the tireless efforts of our Marketing Director, Mary Ruth Koogler, we've been hired by many Hollywood studios to provide eco-friendly wardrobe cleaning for all the movies that are shot locally. Here are the links to the movies we're currently cleaning for, as well as completed projects. Have fun browsing.
Wedding Gown Preservation Boston
read moreYou will want you gown looking beautiful for your big day, which may require steaming, pressing and cleaning. Perhaps it got a little dirty in transport or when you were trying it on. Experts in cleaning and preserving your most cherished garment. We use museum quality acid-free packaging to store your wedding gowns. Proper cleaning and preservation is important to keeping you gown looking beautiful for years to come.
Give the Gift of Dry Cleaning
read moreSimply order your gift certificate in the amount you want and your gift certificate can be emailed to the person you want to give it to or you can print it out and mail it to them!
Green Dry Cleaning in Boston
read moreAs the wet cleaning technology is rapidly coming of age, we are keeping up with educating ourselves in using wet cleaning more and more as our primary method of cleaning, particularly for garments that look and feel their best when wet cleaned.
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