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Garage Company in Chicago, IL Coach House Garages was established in 1973 by Willis Miller of Arthur, IL. Mr. Miller, a local Amish gentleman, began the firm as a tiny operation working from his home in rural Arthur. Mr. Miller's basic principle was to develop a quality building and take attention of his clients. Mr. Miller found a ready market for his craftmanship and care to detail. That same year, Roger Gadberry founded a dealership in Decatur for Mr. Miller's garage buildings. With one dealer and three employees, Coach House was on it's way to becoming the premier garage buider in the state of Illinois. Mr. Miller found that other areas liked his building technique, and through the years more dealers were added. Currently there are 25 sales offices situated throughout Illinois, portions of Iowa, Missouri, and Indiana.

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read moreWhether it's a structure for your vehicles, a space for your hobby, a playroom for your children, or a sanctuary from the outside world, we understand the impact and importance your Coach House will have in your life. You want a building that complements and enhances your home and brings value for years to come. You can count on your Coach House team to listen to your needs and create the perfect building to fit your unique vision. Windows are specially designed for Coach House Garages using vinyl frames instead of aluminum.
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read moreFirst, you can expect responsive customer service throughout the process, which continues even after construction is complete. Next, you can expect a knowledgeable partner to help you navigate the construction process, and ensure that you receive the garage you've contracted for. The construction timeframe is dependent on several variables. At Coach House Garages, we pride ourselves in the quality production technologies that enable us to deliver better-than-average completion times. 1. Permits: In some communities, permits can take a day; in others, sometimes up to two weeks.
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