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Home Improvement Company in Portland, OR Working within your budget and requirements, Complete Construction can assist you increase your living space, make your home more energy-efficient, and add the convenience of modern amenities. All while preserving and honoring the architectural features that make your house special. We will recommend the design approach, materials and techniques that will finest complement your house's unique characteristics. Blending old and new is where we really shine. After a Complete Construction renovation, everything looks and feels like it has been there all along.

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Complete Construction
read moreWhy buy a bigger house somewhere else if you can improve the one you have? Invest in your home and your neighborhood by taking advantage of our years of experience in renovating historic homes. At Complete Construction, we're known for our keen attention to detail and artistic approach to our craft. Our skilled subcontractors share our quality standards and our love of classic homes. We use period-specific materials and techniques that will best complement your vintage home. After a respectful renovation by Complete Construction, everything looks and feels like it's been there all along.
Kitchens & Bathrooms
read moreKitchens and bathrooms are all about design. And good design is more than just good looks: It blends form with function to make common tasks easier and more enjoyable. With your goals in mind, we'll help you create a kitchen that suits both your lifestyle and your house style. That means you can have all the latest amenities such as Granite Remodeling or even a Horizontal surface laminate island, while staying true to the aesthetics of your vintage home. Imagine classic Shaker-style cabinets and drawers that open and close effortlessly.
read moreTake advantage of our expertise in the latest sustainable construction practices, and make your home more energy efficient with cost-effective technologies, techniques and eco-friendly upgrades. Complete Construction crews re-use and recycle building materials on-site whenever possible, including period house parts salvaged during demolition. We carefully separate wood waste from mixed waste. Other salvageable materials are taken to the Rebuilding Center to be re-used. We'll recommend the best products to make your remodel a "green" one.
Additions & Dormers
read moreWhy buy a bigger house somewhere else if you can expand the one you have? If there's enough space on your lot to change the footprint of your house, or enough room to expand up and out, an addition or dormer is a better way to gain more living space. You could add a dining nook off the kitchen to make room for family and entertaining. Or build a studio, home office, den or guest room. We'll help you determine what kind of addition is appropriate within the allowances of your lot size and setback requirements, we'll provide you the best custom home plans.
Basements & Attics
read moreConverting a basement or attic is the easiest way to get more square feet out of your existing house. We can help you transform a cold, damp basement or a dusty attic into a beautiful and functional space that adds value, comfort and utility to your home. Can you imagine living in the basement? Most people don't think of their basement as part of their home's living space. The truth is, your basement can be just as comfortable, inviting and stylish as the rest of the house. Turn it into a a rec room, a kid's room or a guest room with a full bath.
Recent and In-Progress
read moreComplete Construction was recently featured in the Spring 2020 issue of Oregon Home Magazine, one of our favorite house magazines! Learn more about how you can get into your "dream home" as owner Rick Bluhm discusses Complete Construction's process, values and experience. READ ONLINE: Custom Renovation: Respecting Tradition and Building Dreams Or, pick up a copy. This project is the first of its kind! In order to get approval to restore and expand this diamond-in-the-rough home in the Irvington historic district, we put our proposal in front of the Irvington neighborhood association, which requires a 28-day review as part of a mandatory Historic Design Review process.
Finish Carpentry
read moreFinish carpentry includes all the cosmetic details of a remodel, such as moulding, built-ins, siding, rafter tails and railings. While it's the most visible part of a renovation, finish carpentry is often overlooked. It's not always about what's easiest, cheapest or most convenient. It's about doing what's right for your historic home, honoring the artistry and craftsmanship that went into building it. For example, to maintain the continuity of your house's architectural features, it's important to use period dimensional lumber.
House Exteriors
read moreHow do you transform an ordinary old house into the envy of the neighborhood? It takes a depth of experience restoring historic homes, along with professional project management, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Since 1994, Complete Construction has been renovating historic houses, with an eye for authentic period details and old-world craftsmanship.
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