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Car Wash Services in Lakewood, CO Comtec Wash Systems. Specializes in the development, building, and support of commercial car washes. Our mission is to effectively guide prospective carwash owners through the process of finding financing, purchasing property, hiring an architect and a general contractor, and installing the most up-to-date yet reliable carwash equipment on the market. With over 24 years knowledge in the Commercial Car Wash industry, we'll aid you avoid many pitfalls, saving both your budget and your patience.

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1580 Teller Street
Lakewood, CO
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read moreAre you looking for Small Business or Investment ideas? Carwash businesses are good investment opportunities for the person who wants low overhead, while maintaining a high traffic business. Comtec's Carwash Franchise Model sees an average of a 20-40% profit and has no franchise fees. Most other types of "Franchise Models" and small business investments see around 10% or less in profits and have franchise fees. Comtec Wash Systems, Inc. has developed a unique, field tested, robust, and economical series of car wash equipment.
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read moreKeeping your car wash equipment up-to-date means maximized profits, increased cleaning effectiveness and reduced downtime. Comtec Wash Systems has a Preventive Maintenance Program designed to prevent "Down-time" and profit loss. We not only keep an on-hand stock of thousands of parts for both self serve and automatic car wash systems, but we can find almost any part you need if we don't carry it on location. Our phone staff is also ready to refer you to another company that might help you locate your part(s) on the off-chance that we aren't able to help you.
Comtec Testimonials
read morePrior to the construction of my first wash, I did extensive research on automatic car wash equipment manufacturers and their respective products and found non equal to Karcher. We've had several customers say that it's the "best automatic wash they've had!" I did A LOT of research before purchasing my first automatic car wash. During my due diligence it looked like no other was on the market matched the Karcher. After doing 75,000 during the first four years of operation, the Karcher has not disappointed and continues to hum along.
Car Wash Equipment
read moreComtec uses the highest quality products and components for Automatic Car Wash systems, Conveyorized Carwash Systems and Self Serve Systems to ensure our customers get the best car wash equipment on the market. If you are needing to update, upgrade or looking for a new business venture, Comtec is here to guide you along the process. Krcher' Opti8000 Automatic Carwash System is an in-bay carwash where the machine passes back and forth along the vehicle. Krcher's emphasis on cleaning guarantees the best touch free cleaning when compared to any other touch-less car wash system on the market today.
read moreKrcher is the gold standard of modern Automatic Car Washes worldwide; the pinnacle of design, engineering and cleaning. A Krcher automatic car wash is designed to clean first and foremost. Highly polished steel, like flawless diamonds. That's the Krcher way. The type of wash that keeps the most demanding customers coming back. Krcher automatic car wash equipment was formally introduced to the United States in 2004, after substantial field testing in Europe. Comtec Wash Systems, located in Denver, Colorado, immediately acknowledged the possibilities that the Krcher technology offered, and began adapting them to the harsh Rocky Mountain environment.
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