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Training Courses in Westlake Village, CA
Training Courses in Westlake Village, CA Students
ages 3 and older will learn to swim in the deep and shallow ends of the pool
within 8 lessons or your subsequent lessons are free until they meet the
guarantee. Swimming is defined as being able to kick or kick & paddle with
their face under the water and return to the wall after either jumping into the
pool or a "fall" into the pool, then pull themselves out of the pool.
This guarantee applies to students who have no physical or mental special
needs, can run, jump, talk, are potty trained, and are in the correct weight
range for their age. Guarantee does not apply if child misses a scheduled
lesson or does not spend each 25-minute lesson in the pool.

How Can We
Guarantee This?

There are
several critical elements required for someone to learn to swim in such a short
time period:

The method.
We use a very specific method that my family has developed over the last 20
years. Knowing what to teach, when to teach it, and how to teach it are
essential for a child to learn how to swim in a short timeframe.

teaching. Children dont wait for their turn in a group lesson and then
practice blowing bubbles; the student and teacher work hard together for 25

Warm water
so that the student can focus on learning. We swim in water heated to 88
degrees so that students are comfortable and have the right learning and
working environment.

all 8 lessons within 2 weeks. When there are long breaks between lessons, most
of the next lesson is wasted, spending time getting back to the point reached
during the previous lesson.
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  • Thousand Oaks, Agoura, Newbury Park, Westlake Village
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Swimming lessons for beginner-advanced
read moreIn a matter of days, I watched my son learn to jump in and swim across the entire pool all by himself! It was truly amazing! My son has so much confidence in the water now. Most 3+ year olds will swim within 8 days. These are the same 1-on-1 lessons we have been teaching for almost 30 years. This is the quickest way to learn to swim or progress. Most students get over the fear water by the first week and are much less apprehensive about swimming. It's similar to "ripping off the band-aid." Most will swim with their face in the water, kicking, and using their arms before day 8. Parents have to be able to cope with their child probably crying during a few lessons.
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