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Air Conditioning Company in Denver, CO Generations of Coloradoans have trusted Cool Heat Mechanical Systems for heating & cooling system design, analysis, and installation. Today, everyone associated with Cool Heat Mechanical Systems is proud of that history, and we remain true to our principles of integrity and dependability. We are dedicated to a job well done - and it shows. The renowned quality, durability and performance of today's Cool Heat Mechanical Systems continue to supply homeowners and businesses with value and lasting comfort.

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read moreYour home is the one place you should breathe easy and feel most comfortable, no matter what. Your heating, cooling and air quality equipment are what ensures your home's comfort, every day. North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is the most prestigious technical certification in the industry, and having NATE-certified technicians is a standard we value greatly. We also keep our technical skills honed with ongoing training through HVAC Learning Solutions, our own nation-wide, top-of-the-line technical, customer service and business training program.
Cool Heat
read moreThe perfect system for your home depends on several factors, including the physical specifications of your home. Whichever innovative products we select, there are 4 primary types of heating and cooling systems: split systems, hybrid heat split systems, duct-free split systems and packaged systems. A hybrid heat split system is a more energy-efficient variation of the traditional heating and cooling split system. The inclusion of a heat pump allows the option of electricity-fueled heating and cooling, in addition to gas furnace heat.
Cool Heat
read moreCool Heat Mechanical Systems is committed to upholding the highest level of service and installation in the heating and air conditioning industry. We want your service experience to be one of the best service experiences you have ever had. That's why we offer you the Cool Heat 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied for the first year following the service work performed by Cool Heat, we will promptly address and perform to your complete satisfaction those issues regarding material and workmanship or we will refund your service call fee.
Cool Heat
read moreContact us anytime to find out how you and your family can start benefiting from the best in home heating and cooling with a professionally installed hybrid system or heat pump from Cool Heat. By combining the high-efficiency heating and cooling of a heat pump and furnace with the flexibility of new dual-fuel technology thermostats, we can optimize your household energy usage. Hybrid Home Comfort Systems provide unparalleled energy efficiency, saving homeowners hundreds in annual heating and cooling costs!
Cool Heat
read moreHere's a simple way to tell how efficient your current filter is (do this outdoors or with something below the filter so you don't end up with a mess): Hold the filter horizontally, using standard table salt, start pouring the salt through the filter and see how much comes out the other side. If some or all the salt falls through the filter, then you know that the filter will let dust that same size flow through. You should probably upgrade your filter to something more efficient. Size is the easiest factor to ascertain.
Cool Heat
read moreApartment building with problematic North facing winter ice area. Solution: melt that ice as required. 3/4 PEX laid in as required connected to boiler with manual control and mixing valve. Most applications for snow melt require condensing boiler due to low return water temperature. Call Cool Heat today for your ice and snow melting solutions.
Cool Heat
read moreInhale and exhale. No, this is not just a yoga mantra; it is a reminder that your home's indoor air quality is important. How important? So it important it should be a mantra -your mantra! Trust us: there are too many threats that can weaken or destroy the indoor air quality in your home. Getting the facts about this problem is a high priority. Why should you check the air quality of your home? Because you breathe it all day and all night long. If there is something in the ducts or ventilation system, such as microbes, mildew (or worse, animals), you and your family might be breathing in these toxic substances all day, every day.
Cool Heat
read moreNo matter what your needs might be, Cool Heat can help you determine which furnace or air handler will provide you with the most comfort while at the same time ensuring you are able to stay within your budget. When you are in the market for the best in home energy solutions, we can provide you with solutions that are designed to meet your specific needs. Known for their industry leading efficiencies and cutting-edge technology, our boilers and air handlers translate to cost savings as well as complete comfort.
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