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Construction Company in Gainesville, FL Circular prestressed concrete tanks have been in various stages of development and perfecting for decades. Early systems used in the US called for the use of cast-in-place concrete in the core wall of the tank and steel rods with turnbuckles as the prestressing elements. Although theoretically this approach to circumferentially prestressed concrete tanks was sound, deficiencies in placement of concrete together with insufficient residual compression in the core wall brought about modifications and improvements.

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read moreCROM is a TEAM focused on safely designing, building, and restoring essential infrastructure while being committed to professional integrity. Our Culture of performance is built on a foundation of Core Values. Our team members choose to foster an environment of respect, consideration, and compassion to make good things happen for our CLIENTS and OUR TEAM. At CROM, we believe that trust, experience and respect are the keys to making good things happen for you. With over 67 years of experience and impactful relationships worldwide, our focus is always on providing services and solutions that will add value to you.
Construction of Water
read moreSince 1953, CROM has designed and built over 4,300 prestressed concrete tanks with capacities ranging from 35,000 to over 30,000,000 gallons. CROM adheres to the highest standards of professional engineering and construction including AWWA Standard D110, ACI Report 372, and ACI Code 350. As long-term active and contributing members of both design committees, CROM remains a leader in the water and wastewater industry. All CROM design drawings and calculations are signed and sealed by one of our company's full-time registered professional engineers.
CROM's Services
read moreCROM is one of only 30 American Shotcrete Association (ASA) Qualified Shotcrete Contractors in Advanced Wet-mix. CROM stands strong in our commitment to excellence by utilizing ASA certified "Nozzleman" and "Nozzleman-in-training" to execute projects.
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