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Accountant in Austin, TX
Accountant in Austin, TX We have been were you are. We have seen it all, from the
smallest one-person business to mulitlevel corporations. We have experiences in
numerous industries including (but not limited to) insurance, the film industry,
salons, funeral homes, signs, industrial equipment, and various service
industries. Our owners are also the founders of a nation-wide nonprofit with
experience in that industry as well. We know the stress, money and time it takes
from you personally to run your business and are prepared to make you life a
little easier.

We are people, just like you. We love our families,
friends, and neighbors and want to be sure to give you the service you deserve
to be able to take back your time and put it where it belongs... on you and your
Areas Served
  • Central Texas
Business Details
  • Serving residential and commercial clients
  • Insured
  • Year established: 2009
Highlights & Specialties
  • What Makes Us Better?
  • ACCURACY. We have developed a detailed set of rules and proceedures that all CSP of Texas employees are to follow which ensures accuracy and timeliness.
  • COMFORT. We cater to our clients. No two clients are the same and the duties we perform are based on your comfort level and needs.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE. As our client, you will be assigned an accounting representative immediately. You will be contacted by this representative within 2 business hours or less to talk about your needs. This representative will be your contact to our company and will make it her duty to know you and your company personally.
  • TIME. We go to our clients. We will go to your location on a regular basis if so desired to talk with you, deliver paperwork, or pick up data from your office. This saves you time and allows you to focus on your main priority... your business.*
  • SERVICES. We go beyond Bookkeeping, Accounting and Payroll Services to offer advice on several important topics such as general business, marketing, and various situational occurences that come up in your normal course of business at NO additional charge.
  • INSURANCE. Unlike an at-home Bookkeeper, as a full accounting firm, we carry both Professional Liability Insurance and Employee Dishonesty Coverage.
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815-A Brazos, Austin, TX 638
Austin, TX
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Products & Services

Accounting Services
read moreBudgeting, Cash Flow

Most analysts
report that the main reason behind business failure in the US is poor
management. Poor cash management is probably the most common problem among small
business owners currently. We help to teach and guide you through this process
to maintain a healthy and growing business.


In order to keep your accounting, bank account and taxes
as up-to-date as possible, this is absolutely necessary to a healhy business. We
will take this one and look for any abnormalities and discrepancies and take the
time to track down any errors or needs for this process.


Majority of businesses will need financial statements for a variety of
reasons from loan or grant applications to the possible sale of a business. No
matter what the need, we will help you by preparing these necessary statements.
We do not stop at preparing them but also walk you through, step-by-step to
ensure your understanding of the data you have received. You should feel
completely comfortable answering any questions concerning your financials once

General Ledger

At the core of your company's financials is what is called the General
Ledger. All transactions book to this location. These form the central "books"
of your company. If a problem exists in your General Ledger (GL) it can affect
your cash, income, payroll or your taxes. We will review your general ledger on a regular basis to ensure there are no
discrepancies or to correct any problem areas to ensure accurate


If you enrol in our low cost, flat fee program, we allow for UNLIMITED
consultations. We offer advice of a variety of areas including accounting,
bookkeeping, tax, marketing, budgeting, human resources (payroll), or general
business. We love to help our customers in any way possible and regularly tell our
clients that it is always better to call us with what seems to be a silly
question than to have to deal with hours or weeks of financial clean-up
Bookkeeping Services
read moreWe'll Keep Your Books, You
Keep Your Time

So many small business owners are simply overwhelmed with
the balance of life and business. Because small businesses require so much time
and effort, espcially during the start-up phase, many owners put off one of the
most important aspects of their business, their BOOKS.

Let's face it, if you enjoyed bookkeeping, you would have
become an accountant. You love what you do and that is why you have turned it
into a business. Let us take the stress of your books and you get back to
growing your business and maintaining a healthy life balance.

Our bookkeeping services

- Accounts Payable (AP) Processing - I.E. outgoing cash to
pay bills

- Accounts Receivable (AR) Processing - I.E. incoming cash
for services rendered or products sold

- Collections - Only upon your request and permission,
though at your request we will keep you informed of delinquent accounts

- Various journal entries - Needed transactions that might
fall outside of the regular AP or AR transactions like depreciation of assets

- Custom Reports or Excell Sheets

- Online Banking - paying bills online, etc

- Financial's clean-up or set-up

Why CSP of Texas

- Experience in most industries, including non profit

- Degreed Accountants

- Start-up and business document help

- Small and Start-up Companies are our niche. We know about
your limited time and have seen most situations. We are here to help!

Key People

Mindy Viteri
read moreBorn Mindy Carter, in Shreveport, La, Mindy was raised in Blanchard, La where she attended Northwood High School and Bossier Parish Community College. She later attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and went on to graduate from Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, TN with her degree in Accounting where she was an officer in the Honors Accounting Fraternity Beta Alpha Psi and various other organizations.
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