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Custom Environmental Services. CES) supplies environmental and abatement services that keep our environment clean, healthy, and safe. Our hands-on approach, rapid response, and focus on safety allow firms to be confident when using us for their contracting and compliance requirements. We currently have a proven track record and reputation in environmental remediation projects with a perfect Experience Modification Rating (EMR) We supply multiple training courses to specialists in the environmental industry.

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6914 North Olcott Avenue
Chicago, IL
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read moreOur company is made up of a team of highly experienced professionals in the environmental industry.
Industrial Vacuum Services
read moreCES' vacuum trucks / hydro excavators are a cost-effective way to quickly locate, identify, verify, and remove numerous sub-surface entities. Our industrial vacuum / hydro excavating technology reduces costs up to 50% and decreases service time, resulting in additional savings. In addition, the use of heavy excavating equipment is eliminated, thereby reducing the risk of accidental damage to overhead and underground utilities. This technology is valuable to public officials, city planners, city engineers, public works directors, architects, engineers, surveyors, and developers as well as public utility companies and homeowners.
Emergency Response
read moreEmergency response to highway / railroad incidents, hazardous materials, and petroleum spills is a key component of our business. Since 1998, we have provided service for over 5,000 emergencies. Our employees place special emphasis on serving clients in need of immediate response to an emergency and are always available for immediate dispatch at a moment's notice. CES has responded to multiple mercury spills for schools and universities, fire departments, and mail carriers. Waste is collected and material is properly manifested and disposed of according to all state and federal guidelines.
Waste Management Services
read moreCES manages and handles sampling, profiling, manifesting, transporting, and disposing of non-hazardous or hazardous waste, universal waste, PCB waste, bio-hazard or infectious waste, and low-level radioactive waste. Our personnel are thoroughly knowledgeable about the handling, complex transportation, and disposal regulations that apply to all areas of waste management and its removal / disposal. We have extensive business relationships with the major disposal and recycling companies and use those resources to provide cost-effective alternatives and better options for our client's waste disposal needs.
In-Plant Services
read moreIn-plant decommissioning services are a frequent need of our industrial clients looking to close a facility. We provide decontamination and demolition of process equipment and structures that are contaminated with hazardous materials. We maintain full capability for complete decontamination and demolition of tanks, piping, pumps, process equipment, structures, and most surfaces. Our personnel are also trained and experienced in responding to facility-related incidents including removal of heavy metals, PCBs, asbestos, acids / bases, organic solvents, petroleum, and low-level radioactive contaminants.
read morePlease call 303.423.9949 or email to learn more about our company, our services, and how we provide you with unsurpassed service for your contracting, compliance, and cleanup needs.
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read moreOur staff has the experience, education, and resources necessary to provide rapid, safe, and reliable services that keep our environment clean, healthy, and safe. Make CES your first choice when you require an environmental, abatement, or industrial services contractor. We provide more than 20 training courses for professionals in the environmental industry. We draw from private businesses as well as the personal experience of nationally recognized emergency response instructors. All classes meet OSHA, DOT, and EPA requirements.
read moreAt CES, we have pre-stocked trucks and trailers ready to respond to any emergency or environmental situation, along with immediate access to necessary supplies, inventory, and equipment for ongoing projects. We have over 37,000 square feet of commercial space (plus a fenced yard that includes additional storage space) for our equipment, and our vehicles always contain sufficient equipment and materials to support a crew of recovery technicians. We also take safety seriously and have all of the required personal protective equipment ready and available for our staff to use on every project.
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